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Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently released its annual Most Innovative
Companies list for the year 2010. Companies who by their out of the
box thinking not only boost their bottomlines but have also given
customers some novel products and services.

Here's over to the most innovative companies from the technology sector.

With remarkable consistency since its founding in 1976, Apple has
invented products that have revolutionized demand for digital
technology. Look for its latest, the iPad, to disrupt the market for
many other portables, including the netbook and even the laptop.

Google and Apple once were allies. But with its Droid smartphone,
Google has made a run into Apple iPhone territory. Its Fiber for
Communities project envisions building networks in U.S. cities that
will deliver speeds 100 times faster than existing services.

The software leviathan is still nimble. Its Windows 7 operating system
fixed shortcomings of Vista, while Bing has more than 10% of the
online search market. Next up: Microsoft Outlook 2010, which
synchronizes e-mail, contacts, and social-media applications

The company that gave the world the PC long ago got out of the
hardware business, remaking itself into a global technology
consultant. For example, it has collaborated with a Toronto hospital
to help doctors monitor minute changes in the health of premature

The iPad may aim to rout the Kindle, yet Apple's tablet hadn't even
hit stores when Amazon announced Kindle apps for iPad and Mac. Books
are a shrinking part of an online retail empire. Electronics were
almost half of Amazon's 2009 fourth-quarter sales.

LG Electronics
Writes BusinessWeek, CEO Yong Nam has hired top talent from
multinational leaders such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard (HP), and Procter &
Gamble (PG) to turn LG into a global entity in consumer electronics.
The business world has noticed the change, lifting its ranking from
27th last year.

Samsung Electron
The Korean electronic giant, according to BusinessWeek, has invested
billions of dollars in 24 R&D labs across the world. The company
rolled out its first line of 3D TVs recently. However, Samsung
continues to faces an uphill battle in smartphones from Apple and
Research in Motion's BlackBerry.

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