[AI] ICAI-Procedure for availing Writer’s help and extra time.

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hello c.a. aspirants,
as per my knowledge, the slab according to which extra time is
provided is as follows-
40-60% disability = 10 mins per hour
60-80% disability = 20 mins per hour
80-100% disability = 30 mins per hour
but i want to divert your mind towards the other side of this issue as
well. getting permission for sufficient extra time is important but
getting its benefit awailed is too important. there are cases where
the examination center has denied to provide extra time even when you
have the permission letter for the same. i, myself, is one such
victim. i was not provided extra time for my 2 papers during pcc exams
may 2010 which ultimately led to my failure. just think that you go
with the mind set of 4 1/2 hour paper but you are provided just 3
similar case is identified in lucknow where the vi candidate was
denied for the same during cpt june 2010 attempt.
so please take care of this as well. try to find the remedies for it
before so that such things do not happen with anyone.

On 8/11/10, Kulkarni, Apoorv <apoorvkulkarni at kpmg.com> wrote:
> Hello all C.A. aspirants,
> Please note that the amount of extra time available to VI (with more than
> 50% disability) in C.A. exams is 30 minutes per 1 hour of paper. Thus if you
> are appearing for PCC/IPCC/final exam, you will be entitled to 1.5 hours of
> extra time. Similarly, for CPT you will be allowed 1 hour of extra time (I
> think the exam duration is 2 hours). Thus, the procedure for availing writer
> and extra time has changed to that extent. However, the change is not
> disclosed on the ICAI website and it still talks about allowing 30 minutes
> to 1 hour.
> Please be very alert of this facts as the ICAI is completely careless in
> allowing extra time to students. In fact, the actual time allowed in
> different cases ranges from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours for a 3 hours paper
> without adequate grounds for the same. I myself have been a victim of such
> careless practices and hope that others will not have to go through the
> same.
> For those interested in further details, feel free to contact me offline.
> You can also email your requests to Milan Mittal marked in cc to this mail.
> He was, by grace of God, allowed 1.5 hours of extra time for IPCC exam in
> May 2010. For your easy reference, his email id is milan.mittal at yahoo.com
> Best Regards,
> Apoorv Kulkarni
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On 8/12/10, shanthi vaidyanathan <shanthivaidya3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Rajani for the information.
> I would like to mention about Rajasekar Reddy clearing the CA Intermediate -
> PCC exam. He is will be eligible to appear for the final exam in May 2011. I
> wish him all success in life.
> Shanthi
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 2:13 PM, Rajani G <ca.rajani at gmail.com> wrote:
>> http://www.icai.org/post.html?post_id=639
>> Physically/Visually Challenged candidates appearing in the Chartered
>> Accountants Examinations requiring writer’s help/extra time are
>> requested to adopt the following procedure:
>> To send an application in candidate’s own hand writing if he can
>> write. In respect of candidates who can not write, their
>> representatives may write and forward the application.
>> To enclose a certified true copy of the certificate issued by the
>> Doctor of not less than the level of Civil Surgeon of Government
>> Hospital to the effect that the disability is of permanent nature and
>> specifying clearly the nature and extent of Permanent disability (in
>> terms of %age).
>> To enclose certified true copies of the permission, if any, granted by
>> the State Higher Secondary Board/University in candidate’s 10th, 10+2
>> or degree examinations in which he/she had appeared.
>> To enclose an attested full size latest photograph indicating name of
>> the candidate on the photograph itself.
>> Any other document in support of request for grant of the facility of
>> a writer and/or extra time as aforementioned.
>> It is clarified that cases of injuries or disablement of temporary
>> nature such as fracture of the right or left arm, forearm or
>> dislocation of a shoulder, elbow or wrist or any other illness etc.
>> are not entitled for extending the facility of writer/extra time.
>> Kindly note that half/one hour (for IPCE, PEE-II, PCE and Final
>> Examination) 20/40 minutes (for CPT) extra time and/or writer’s help
>> will be granted depending on the nature and extent of Permanent
>> disability and in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the
>> Institute in this regard.
>> The request for extra time/writer’s help should be sent as a separate
>> request and not be enclosed to the examination application form. The
>> request should be sent preferably with the details of registration no.
>> and complete postal address of the candidate.
>> The candidate will be informed about the grant of extra time/writer’s
>> help by way of separate communication normally about 15 days prior to
>> the commencement of examination.
>> The request along with the requisite documents must be sent to:
>> Shri G. Somasekhar
>> Additional Secretary (Exams)
>> The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
>> ICAI Bhawan
>> Indraprastha Marg
>> New Delhi-110002
Thanks and regards,
Milan Mittal
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