[AI] Retina ndia project in Bangalore- need contacts of parents

Anandhi Viswanathan inbox.anandhi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 01:44:34 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Retina India is planning a workshop in Bangalore to highlight issues
faced by children with progressive vision degeneration and low vision
to teachers in mainstream schools and open opportunities for children
with retinal conditions for inclusive education.

In this context, we have scheduled a presentation to be done by a
parent of a child with retinal conditions to raise awareness on the
various issues faced by the parent while seeking schooling for their

We are looking for one such parent who can present this  part of the
programme. We will assist you with putting the presentation together
and help you prepare for the same.

 As Retina India is oprating on a stretched budget, we will only be
able to offer you accomodation if you are travelling to Bangalore and
will not be able to sponsor your travel.

Parents willing to be part of this exercise may get in touch with me
either on this ID or the mobile number provided below.


Anandhi Viswanathan
Mob: 9886910508
It takes only me to make my dreams come true!

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