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Swati the case summary is below, link to judgement is at end (Word Document)

You may find this archived thread useful in addition

Mr. Mohammed Asif Iqbal vs. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata,
Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD), and All India Council of
Technical Education

Case No.: 2559/2003

Complaint: Mr. Mohammed Asif Iqbal, a visually handicapped and a graduate in
Commerce, filed a complaint under Section 59 of the Persons with
Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full
Participation) Act, 1995 against IIM Kolkata. The complainant submitted that
he appeared in Common Admission Test on December 9, 2001. He was not
accepted into IIM, Kolkata. He did well in English and Mathematics but not
on data interpretation portions. He met Chairman, Admissions, who explained
that quota does not identify visual, deaf or orthopaedic handicap
separately. He informed the Chairman, Admissions that visually impaired have
more disadvantages over the other handicap groups. Orthopaedic or hearing
impaired can see the graphs but visually impaired have to rely on the
scribe. Complainant requested that IIMs should take initiative to recognize
the value of teaching blind candidates and providing fair opportunities by
softening or lowering their admission standards for people like him. He also
suggested to set 1% seats aside for each handicap group which would serve
their potential best.
Judgement: It was unanimously agreed that the guidelines/instructions on
proposed lines should be framed and issued by Ministry of HRD. Ministry of
HRD was advised to issue the guidelines so that these would be available to
the prospective candidates of the forthcoming CAT etc. They may also
supplement the proposed guidelines.

Click here to read the complete judgement in word document

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