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A tale of two countries (and two technology issues)
Spare a few minutes to see what the government agencies responsible for
Information Technology have been up to, in two nations on different
continents, but comparable in development status.
Brazil has  just reinforced its image as the most progressive of
nations, when it comes to state-driven policy to encourage the  free and
open use of software and digital technologies for the general good: It
has updated its copyright laws to make the imposition of Digital Rights
Management (DRM)  illegal in all work that falls in the public domain or
where such rights impede fair use.
DRM is technology   dreamed up by music and movie distribution companies
- mostly American - which restricts the use of legally purchased work to
specific geographies or a limited range of players. For example, the
movie DVD that I borrow from the local British Council library, does
not  play on most players that are available in the Bangalore market -
players contract-manufactured  in China, Taiwan etc even if they are '
made in India' . I had to buy a new player from Coby ( an American
manufacturer) because the DVDs in the British Council collection are
made in the UK, whose publishers ensure that it will only play in Europe
and America. The same situation prevails in the music business.   Many
CDs from leading international labels selling in India, will   work on
your music player but not on your PC. And you can't transfer tracks to a
USB thumb drive so that they can be heard on your MP3 player. That's DRM
alive and well in India! But in Brazil they have taken a revolutionary
position, that   while it is perfectly legal to break DRM ( as long as
you don't violate anyone's  copyright), it is illegal for DRM to 'break'
the public domain of   information and entertainment.
Back in India, the Maharashtra government has just cast its covetous
eyes on all those caller tunes that we Indians download in millions,
paying almost a rupee a day for using them - and thus identifying
ourselves while expressing our personalities. Innocuous?    The Revenue
Secretary of the state thinks otherwise.   Caller ID tunes entertain, do
they not? So they must be charged entertainment tax -- at 25 percent!
The proposal is going to the Maharashtra cabinet for approval - and you
can bet they will approve it double quick. After all, it's another milch
cow to fill the state's coffers without any special effort.
And what of the central government? They are making  angry noises at
Research In Motion, the company behind the Blackberry, because the
Canada-based leader in secure messaging devices says it is unable to
offer Indian security services a ' back door' to monitor  emails and
other messages exchanged by its customers in this country. Ensuring the
privacy of their customers' traffic is Blackberry's USP - and they are
unlikely to hand this over to any  one government, when they operate in
over 100 countries: they will just withdraw if they are not allowed to
function. Indian officials might feel emboldened to push RIM harder,
after the actions of the UAE last week which has said it will shut down
Blackberry's email  traffic. Saudi Arabia,   has  also threatened to do
so- and the latest news is, that  RIM  may have offered to shift some of
its  servers to that country.   Will they do likewise in India - or do
they   have a different standard for different nations depending on how
much business is at stake?
In any case, Blackberry-type services are already under pressure from
cheaper options  that work with phones running  Microsoft's Windows
Mobile, Nokia's Symbian or Google's Android.  Many new  smartphones
promise Blackberry -type email and messaging, without any additional
charge. In the US, Android phones have outsold Blackberries.   In
cost-conscious India, they  may do likewise. Brand Blackberry may never
dilute; it may just become irrelevant.
As Brazil has reminded us last week, governments must be agile in
addressing new  technology, as it affect their citizens... technology
like DRM, which huge corporates dream up,  to grow their business at the
expense of  customers' rights.  Understanding such technologies will be
more meaningful, will touch   ordinary citizens more meaningfully, that
shackling Blackberry   ever will.


More on l'affaire blackberry: Why is the maker RIM's  college -drop out
CEO, suggesting nations seeking to monitor its traffic, do so because
they are Internet-challenged ignoramuses without computer science
Why India's Big Four IT providers may end up helping the US catch
illegal Mexican immigrants: Because they are chop-shops, that's why!
myBantu: 'smart' online personal assistant from Indo-US startup
KBC,  aka the Indian avatar of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" returns
- after 3 years with a new telecom partner, Idea Cellular:
Why we say India's so called $ 35 computer is mostly hype:
Are you being 'served' Acer's renewed thrust in the server space, sees
17 products launched in India
Salaam! Young innovators create robotic farming tractor and other earthy
solutions at the Intel India embedded challenge 2010
Wah Guru!  Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande of Tejas to co chair Us President's
Innovation council
Technopark, Trivandrum, India's first hardware-software park turns 20.


Small town start-up, Hycus offers India's first free and open web
publishing tool
Kaspersky unveils 2011 Net security tools for lay users in India - and
there are some cool desktop gadgets and a beefed up parental control
40 plus and unmarried? Not to worry! There's a matrimony portal just for


If you can mail, it, we'll print it - says HP, with its new e-all-in-one
printer range
D-Link's new palm sized 3-in-1  wireless networking product is router,
access device rolled into one - all for Rs6000


Runaway notebook sales rescue Indian hardware sector from a so-so
2009-10: MAIT study:
All the latest numbers from our exclusively compiled India IT snapshot:


Workshop on Cloud Computing
Chennai, India August 18-20, IIT Madras,
Organised by Computer Society of India Div IV (Communication), Chennai
Chapter and SIG-Distributed Systems
and IEEE Computer Society, Madras Chapter
WiMAX India 2010: 7th International conference and exhibition
New Delhi, Aug 20, 2010, Le Meridien hotel
Cloud Computing Technology Forum
Bangalore Aug 21 Hotel Monarch Luxor
Organised by Microsoft and Computer Society of India for developers,
architects, project managers http://www.csibc.org/
Knowledge Utsav: India's largest R&D conference
Bangalore, August 28 2010, Jain University campus
Organised by Edu.in with Tumkur University and Jain Research Foundation
The single day conference will host  around 400 plus paper presentations
and nearly 100 talks, and will witness the best in Indian academia
ideate, inspire and interact with the delegates.
All India seminar on Web Technologies: emerging trends and social impact
Kochi, Aug 30-31, International Hotel Ernakulam
Institution of Engrs/IEEE/IETE/CSI
Phone contact: 91-484-2390286
Sangam 2010-Oracle user conference
Hyderabad, September 3-4 2010, 2010.
Presented by the All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG)
LTE Asia 2010
Hong Kong September   7 - 8, 2010, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel,
LTE Asia 2010 will be the 5th annual event for the region focusing
specifically on LTE .
CONNECT 2010 - The Tenth EditionChennai, September 8-9 2010, Chennai
Trade Center, Nandambakkam
Forum for Indian Information and Communication Technology Industry (ICT)
to confer on latest trends & developments. It has also been designed to
showcase Tamil Nadu's capabilities in the sector.
World Computer Congress
Australia Sep 20-23, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre,
with South East Asia Regional Computer Federation Computer Conference (
www.wcc2010.com <http://goog_66372690>       &   searcc at wcc2010.com
Mobile Value Added Services World Summit
Singapore, September 29-30 , Swissotel Merchant Court
Developing Strategic Partnership & Best Business Model In Offering
Innovative VAS to Optimize Profit and Reduce Churn
CAT-iq developers conference
Eindhoven The Netherlands October 19-20
CAT-iq is the IP Broadband successor of DECT (DECT 6.0). Next to
telephony (with HD-Voice) CAT-iq will be used for home
automation/connected home, smart grid and in ultra low power use.
  <http://goog_66372699> www.catiqconference.com
Connecting the Next Billion: Regulator's Summit
Jakarta, Indonesia, Nov 2 2010
4th Annual Connecting Rural Communities Asia 2010 Forum
Jaipur, November 16-18 Le Meridien
Organized by Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO). The
theme for the conference is Broadband Access for Rural Communities.

Are you organising an upcoming conference or trade show in the Middle
East/Asia/Pac region   that will interest the Indian infotech community?
Send us the details in a mail to feedback at indiatechonline.com    with
Event Watch in the subject line and we will be happy to feature it in
this section.


Prince of Persia: Your dad played it on his first PC - now you can
explore the dungeons in the latest version ( and see the big screen
film, while you are about it)

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