[AI] Clarification regardi9ng eligiblity criteria in Bank Of India PO exam

Mahesh Kumar mahesh.proff at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 11:02:16 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,
        Recently i came across Notification for the recruitment of Bank of
India Probationary Officers. I'm unable to understand the eligibility
conditions for visually Challenged  It is given in the notification that
below are the conditions to be satisfied to consider as visually

i*i)  Visually Challenged (VC)
Blindness refers to a person who suffers from either of the following

 (a)  Total absence of sight.

(b)  Visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (Snellen) in the better eye
with correcting lenses, Limitation of the field of vision subtending an
angle of 20 degree or worse and so certified by a Medical Board appointed by
the State Government.

(c) A person with Low Vision means one with impairment of visual functioning
even after treatment of standard refractive correction but who uses or is
potentially capable of using vision for the planning or execution of a task
with appropriate assisting device.
      In my medical certificate issued by AP medical board, it is mentioned
that my VIsion Acuity is

Right eye: 6/60                        Left eye : 6/36
and Disability Percentage : 40%

 According to the point (b) in the notification, As left eye is the better
eye for me and Vision acuity in that eye is 6/36, Am i not eligible for the
reservation under Visually Challenged? I'm afraid....

Please Let me know the actual meaning of that line and Please tell me
whether i'm eligilbe or not....

    When i tried to fill the application online, there are two options under
the column* Percentage of disability* one is 40% and the other is  above 40%

I'm totally confused.... Please help me out friends...

Eagerly waiting for your reply and hoping it will be posiitve :)

Thanks in anticipation,
Mahesh Kumar B
mail: mahesh.proff at gmail.com
ph: +91 - 9030936798

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