[AI] [bsftb] Glossary of Literary terms by MH Abraham required.

solomon s teachsolo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 19:48:49 EDT 2010

Dear govind sir,  it was sandosh kurien, a regular contributer to the sayeverything list who uploaded the book. Try to get from him. The oxford companion to english literature edited by margaret drabble is another more comprehensive book that will serve your purpose. Hope that helps. Regards solomon. Teachsolo at gmail.Com
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Subject:	[bsftb] Glossary of Literary terms by MH Abraham required.
From:	govind reddy <sgreddy4 at gmail.com>
Date:		10/08/2010 4:53 pm

Dear list members,
 I'm in need desperate need for the Glossary of literary terms by MH
 Abraham. Could any one provide me the same?
 I need at list something similar to that.
 I'm preparing for an exam.
 Any format will be appriciated, but the TXT format is the least desired.
 Paper has more patients than the people, "Ann Frank".
 With Warm Regards,
 Govind, Business development Executive and SEO writer:
  Mobile: 9030915271.
 sgreddy4 at gmail.com
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