[AI] who is a disabled person

Mohammad Arif md.arif1971 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 18:07:55 EDT 2010

Dear list members,
	I want to know that:
 Who is a DISABLED person?
	I am a blind person, educated upto PG, working as a Librarian,
married with 2 kids, meeting my day to day ends on my own, can wash
and iron clothes, I am IT literate and can work on a PC independently
can ride and drive[if anyone can guide me the right way}, can even
cook food and wash utencils,  living a happy, healthy and respectable
personal life, family life, social life, and professional life as
	I think that like me other handicappeds do and are doing to produce
maximum output with their efforts and a normal person who is not a
handicapped is doing the same.
	Then why VIs, D&Ds, OHs and MHs are called DISABLED when all these
handicappeds are doing at par to other normal human beings, in their
daily life.
	In my opinion a disabled person is one who cannot think in the right
direction and do not have positive thought in their minds or can't
think positively towards others and are very selfish and too much
proudy of what they have and others don't have . Such persons in the
society try to supress handicappeds by calling us DISABLED persons.
But infact, it is not the reality and near to me they are themselves
disabled persons, who are not able to evaluate us that how much abled
we handicappeds are.
	Come and join hands to change the terminology and handicappeds may be
called as either
[1].  specially abled persons, or
[2]. persons with special needs.
	LET'S TRY TO CHANGE  and one day we will find that it has really changed.
	Try to get what you like, or  you will be forced to like what you
will get.  /-SIR BARNARD SHAW


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