[AI] Problem with my pen drive (Please do help).

Mamta mamtabc at accessindia.org.in
Mon Aug 9 13:28:52 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I was trying to get my pen drive detected on some p c at my work place, where my pen drive was not being detected. I tried installing/ adding the  new hardware from the control panel. but it did not help. ultimately today after 3 days when I am connecting it at my home then I am not able to detect it here also.
I actually do not want to lose this pen drive as it is a bigger one.
I do not mind if the data is lost.
I also tried to add a new hard ware from the control panel at home as well.
but it seams to not solve this problem.
so experts please do help me solve this problem.

I am sure that there would be some solution to this problem.

Please to avoid traffic on the list you can reply me on my personal id that is:

mamtabc27 at gmail.com

Awaiting for your prompt replies and suggestions.

your help is deeply appreciated.

thanks a lot.



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