[AI] a soft copy of Just_Dial's telephone directory required.

govind reddy sgreddy4 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 21:02:20 EDT 2010

Dear list,
I thank Vamshi for putting my requirement across the list.
I was looking for the soft copy of the Just_Dial's telephone
directory. I was also ready to pay some money if they required.
The reason is I've recruited a low vision candidate in to our
marketing team for cold calling and other requirements.
In this regard, she was finding it difficult to access the hard copy
of the telephone directory they have provided since we were the
subscribers for their services.
So I called them and mailed them about my requirements.
They smartly denied my request and said that they are not providing
any such data as a soft copy or in any electronic format.
Therefore, I was looking for some alternative to this problem to this
inaccessible directory.
Regarding getting the contact no.s from their website, She just
started learning and working on Internet. For a basic user like her,
the CSS enabled website seems to be very unfriendly. Therefore, it
certainly takes some time for her to get acquainted with the
Besides, she's from Telugu medium, it further widens the process of
getting acquainted with English and technology together.
Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to train her on the screen magnifiers and so on.

So I kindly request you all to provide me some good solution to this
beautiful problem.

Paper has more patients than the people, "Ann Frank".
With Warm Regards,
Govind, Business development Executive and SEO writer:
 Mobile: 9030915271.
sgreddy4 at gmail.com

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