[AI] information about Special ATM card for VH in SBI

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Sun Aug 8 08:51:09 EDT 2010

Dear friends,


As we all remember, SBI is introducing special ATM cards for it's VH
customers.  I have gathered some information in this regard.


There is a talking ATM in Delhi.  One of my friends, who is an employee in
SBI, has tried to operate it with his normal ATM card.  But it didn't work.
Later on, he has found out from the concerned department that there will be
a special ATM card by name VRC, which may stand for voice recognition card,
which is required for operating the talking ATM.  He has applied for the
card and is likely to get it in the next week.  Once he gets it, he said he
will try it out and give some feedback.


In this regard, his officials have asked him to test the ATM and give some
feedback so that they can make the necessary adjustments for making it more
user friendly for VH customers.  So, I request all talking ATM users on the
list to provide inputs as to what are the standards that have to be followed
to make the talking ATM suitable for VH persons.  


One good thing that SBI has done is to make a VH employee test the ATM.
And since we have access to him, let's give our inputs in this regard.



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