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Hello All
Copying below steps to use the Nokia maps which was forwarded by our member from another list.
I haven't tested it and hence I'll not be in a position to clarify.
Harish Kotian.

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The original email message is below with a new subject line. It was

originally 'Nokia OVI maps'. Hope the instructions are of some use.

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Hello all,

I have been following this thread for some time and I would like to share with you how I use Nokia Maps. If you find that I am stating the obvious, then please stop reading.

I have a Nokia N86, so the following all applies to this model.

In the applications list, there is an application called 'Landmarks'. I start from here. Having opened 'Landmarks', in the options menu, there is an item called 'new landmark,. It has a submenu containing 3 things: current position, select from map and enter manually. You can enter your current position simply by pressing the selector key here and giving your current position a name. But a second, really useful thing you can do is to enter a position manually. When you select 'enter manually', you are presented with a dialogue box where you can enter various parameters. If you happen to know the postcode (or zip code) of the place you want to travel to, you're away.

You can just enter this into the appropriate field, then give the landmark a name (because this is required), and then press 'done' with the right soft key. You then have that landmark in your landmarks list, but you haven't yet selected it from the map. Now make sure that you are on the landmark in the landmarks list and press left soft key to open the options menu again. This time select 'show on map'. This opens Nokia Maps. The first thing that the phone will say is that Bluetooth is switched off and ask if you want to switch it on. I select 'no' here as I use the phone's internal GPS receiver.

The postcode you have entered for the landmark will now be spoken. Press the selector key and Nokia Maps will search for it. If you have searched on a postcode and it is successfully been found, there should only be one result.

If you have searched on something else, there may be a list of results to choose from. Press the selector key on the result you want and you will find an accessible menu of 'walk to', 'drive to', 'show details' 'save place'

'add to route' and 'send'. At this point, if you select 'walk to' or 'drive to', you will get voice instructions from your present position to your selected destination, but you will have to go through the above process every time you want to make that journey again. So what I do is, having located my destination on the map, I choose 'save place' so that my landmark will now be saved with the map co-ordinates included in it. When you press the selector key on 'save place', the phone will say 'save as' and it may come up with a name based on what came up in the search. If I'm happy with this, I save the landmark with that name. Otherwise I give it a more meaningful name of my own, but always different from the name I gave to the original landmark. I then back out of Nokia Maps by pressing soft key 2 for as many times as necessary until the phone says 'landmarks'. I delete the original landmark as this did not contain the map co-ordinates and retain the one which I had searched for on the map and saved. This way, when I want to use the landmark again, all I have to do is find it on the list of landmarks, select 'show on map' from the options menu, press select on it (after answering the question about Bluetooth) and then press the select key again to get to the menu for 'walk to', 'drive to', Etc.

That all sounds very complicated when I write it down, but try playing with it and, hopefully, you will find it works quite well.

Best wishes,


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