[AI] Regarding the Article on Kaiser

rambabu adikesavalu rambabu_arb at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 4 07:34:45 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,
The article on Kaiser had really provoked most of our members and we had discussions from various dimensions. At this juncture, I thought of sharing some details which I got to know about Kaiser.
There was an article about Kaiser in The Hindu, in June, 2008-- no idea of the date of issue--soon after her 10th results had been out. That time the news was brought about at the initiative of the school where she studied.
She studied in Little Flower Convent for the Blind, Chennai. That article was much more informative.
Apart from the facts that her mother was mentally ill, and homeless, Kaiser was originally from somewhere in U P and she knew nothing in Tamil.
In Tamilnadu, except for the CBSE schools, Tamil is compulsory unless one opts for a different second language.
As I too studied from the same school, I am very sure that there is no Hindi or any other language .
Just imagine, the amount of struggle this person would have undergone in learning a new language under most difficult and traumatic conditions.
Well, she had proved that if proper opportunities are provided, nothing is impossible and one could overcome any obstacles in life.
My hearty congradulations to Kaiser and appreciations to The Hindu for showing interest in bringing out such news items.
With love and best wishes,
Dr. A.Rambabu


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