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n72 is not supported by this talks please check

On 8/2/10, Dipendra Manocha <dipendra.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Friends
> See the notification below. In addition to information below, would like to
> inform that now DAISY2Go users can read most of bookshare books on this
> version.
> New version of talks will  be available on saksham.org web site by the
> morning of August 3.
> TALKS&ZOOMS Version 5.01 - Release Notification
> 1.	Introduction
> We proudly announce the release of the Nuance Accessibility Suite - Nuance
> TALKS and ZOOMS - Version 5.01 supporting Series 60 3rd Edition / 5th
> Edition for August 2nd, 2010.
> For Users with a Premium license this version also contains the new Daisy2go
> 2.00 release.
> This release uses the same version of Eloquence as the previous one
> (6.1.123). The TTS installation file for Eloquence US English has only been
> updated to extend the user dictionary.
> RealSpeak Mobile is not included in this release, as there are some
> compatibility issues with the built-in TTS software on several recent phone
> models. Instead, the release also includes a choice of male Vocalizer voices
> for English (US and UK), German and French.
> Version 5.01 is a free upgrade for all Premium Edition licenses generated
> after November 13th, 2007. In particular, this means that it can be
> installed by any customer who is currently able to run version 4.11 or 5.00
> without requiring a new license.
> 2.	The new handsets
> 2.1.	Changes to the list of supported phone models
> The following handsets are newly supported (please see section 4 "Known
> Issues" about some limitations):
> .	Nokia 6700 slide (but not 6700 classic!)
> .	Nokia C5-00
> .	Nokia E73
> We also assume the following phones to work without major problems. However
> we have not got enough test results yet to definitely confirm this:
> .	Nokia 5228 Xpress Music
> .	Nokia 5230 Xpress Music
> .	Nokia 5235 Xpress Music
> .	Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
> .	Nokia 5730 Xpress Music
> .	Nokia C6-00
> .	Nokia E5-00
> .	Nokia X5-01
> See section 6 for a full list of compatible handsets for this version.
> 3.	What's New?
> This section lists the improvements of TALKS 5.00 compared to the previous
> version (5.01).
> 3.1.	Support for ZOOMS on 5th Edition
> The most important improvement in 5.01 concerns the addition of screen
> magnification support (ZOOMS) for 5th Edition touch screen devices. Users
> with a Premium license can immediately use this new feature. Please note
> that you may have to go to Options > View in the Settings window first, and
> select "TALKS&ZOOMS", in order to see both speech and magnification related
> tab sheets.
> As on 3rd Edition handsets, ZOOMS tries to follow the current focus on the
> screen as much as possible. When using "Distributed Views" mode (which is
> the default setting on 5th Edition phones) you can also see the window title
> as well as [Key 1] and [Key 2] at any time without the need for scrolling.
> In typical applications ZOOMS can be used most conveniently by scrolling
> through lists with the volume keys on the side of the phone, and using the
> touch screen for [Key 1] and [Key 2] or selecting a list item. In any
> situation, you can just tap a visible part of the screen shown by ZOOMS,
> just as you would do without magnification.
> In situations where you want to see parts of the screen that are not
> currently magnified, this can be done in a similar way to "Explore Mode" for
> speech: simply hold down your finger for about a half a second, and then
> start moving it around on the screen without lifting it, to look at other
> parts of the screen.
> ZOOMS automatically turns off magnification when an on-screen virtual
> keyboard appears, to let you type numbers and letters without having to
> scroll around to find a particular key.
> 3.2.	New version of Daisy2go
> This version of TALKS comes with a new version of Daisy2go 2.00. This update
> can be used by all customers with a valid Premium license. This is the first
> version of the software supporting 5th Edition touch screen phones.
> The most significant new feature is support for the DAISY3 format (for both
> text and audio books) - this lets you read books created by various tools,
> such as Kurzweil reading machines or the Microsoft "Save as DAISY" add-in.
> In addition, Version 2.00 includes the following improvements compared to
> the previous release (1.01.2):
> .	When a book is opened for the first time, a progress bar is
> displayed. The data read from the book is then "cached" for much faster
> re-opening (usually just 1-2 seconds) when you access the book again.
> .	Book text is displayed in smaller "pages". This increases the speed
> of the application significantly for books with large amounts of text.
> .	Added a sleep timer
> .	Added Find feature for text and table of contents
> .	Added "Elapsed time" / "Remaining time" indicators to Book Info
> .	Cursor position is now stored for text-only books as well.
> .	Drive F (external memory card) is now supported on newer phones
> .	Automatically removes books from the bookshelf that no longer exist
> .	Book text is now displayed with an anti-aliased font, for slightly
> better readability.
> .	Fixed some formatting issues, such as missing spaces and problems
> converting certain characters in the book text.
> Finally, his version also fixes various minor bugs.
> 3.3.	Various changes
> This section lists some changes to TALKS that are mostly related to the
> screen reader-specific aspects of the product:
> Application support:
> .	Calculator is now supported on 5th Edition
> .	Article screen in MSDictViewer is now read (no support for
> line-by-line cursor movement yet)
> .	Clock application: both time and date are now read
> .	Window title is no longer repeated in Active Notes when typing first
> line (e.g. E52)
> .	E71 (and other similar models): time is no longer read on phone
> screen, e.g. when starting to dial a number
> .	Added support for latest Orange home screen
> .	Fixed: New e-mail app crashes when opening meeting request (possibly
> affects other apps with complex object lists, too)
> Changes to TALKS commands:
> .	Added [Talks],[#] and [Talks],[long #] to keys that work when the
> keyboard is locked
> Touch screen improvements:
> .	Virtual keyboard is now announced more reliably, and also spoken for
> PIN code entry and phone dialling
> .	Text-related TALKS commands now work also when virtual keypad is
> open (e.g. [Talks],[Up])
> .	Areas at top and bottom of scroll bar are read as "Page up" and
> "Page down", to make quick movements easier
> .	Fixed reading of wrong item in Explore Mode in some lists (e.g.
> Audio settings of TALKS)
> Magnification improvements:
> .	Focus is now tracked in new e-mail application (e.g. N86, E52)
> .	Fixed incorrect position of focus in some lists (e.g. Audio settings
> of TALKS)
> Bug fixes:
> .	Fixed hang when uninstalling TALKS through App Manager on 5th
> Edition
> .	Fixed browser coming to foreground when uninstalling or updating
> .	Fixed Real Player stopping when pressing [Talks],[Key 2]
> .	Fixed some cases where TALKS could lock up the phone at startup due
> to a broken TTS engine
> .	Fixed: SMS newsletter would sometimes be offered repeatedly, even if
> "No" has been selected
> 4.	Known Issues on specific handsets
> .	5th Edition: currently, there are some limitations to the use of the
> on-screen keyboard for text entry. In particular, the menus for switching to
> other keyboard layouts are not read, and opening the symbol table can lead
> to the on-screen keyboard stopping to take input until you press [Exit] to
> return to the main menu, and then return to the application where you were
> entering text. Switching to other keyboard layouts is not recommended, as
> some of them (e.g. mini-Qwerty or handwriting) are not yet supported by
> TALKS, and can be difficult to exit.
> .	N97: training mode will read the digits, rather than the letters,
> for the keys in the top row of the QWERTY keyboard.
> .	Some keyboard functions, such as [Talks],[digit] shortcuts on the
> Idle screen and the use of the side keys to navigate through menus on 5th
> Edition, are only supported after the phone has been rebooted once after
> installing or re-enabling TALKS.
> .	E55: [Talks],[digit] shortcuts have been reported to not work
> properly on this phone, most likely as a result of the unusual keyboard
> layout.
> .	TALKS will occasionally read the names of the softkeys only after a
> delay of some seconds, when an application has just been newly opened, or
> been brought to the foreground.
> .	3rd Edition (FP1 and FP2): the "Search" application is not
> supported.
> .	3rd Edition FP2 and 5th Edition: Built-in Help screens are not read
> because they use the web browser in a way that is not yet supported by
> TALKS. The same is true for e-mails received in HTML format that do not
> contain a text version as well.
> .	3rd Edition FP2: You will notice a slow response of voice
> recognition "beep" after holding [Key 2] when TALKS is not muted
> .	E75: When using ZOOMS, moving around the screen by holding down the
> cursor keys is currently not possible. The magnified portion of the screen
> always follows the current focus position.
> .	N96: "Photos" application (and "Photos" submenu of "Gallery") is not
> supported.
> .	N96: Daisy2Go does not support firmware versions prior to 20.x of
> this phone.
> 5.	FAQ
> Q: Your software does not install on my E-Series handset or branded device,
> and reports a Certificate Error! Why?
> A: While TALKS&ZOOMS for S60 3rd Edition itself is certified, and thus can
> be installed on any supported S60 3rd Edition handset, the installers for
> the TTS engines (Eloquence or Vocalizer for Mobile) are not signed. E-Series
> handsets and some branded devices only accept the installation of signed
> software, unless you turn of the corresponding option inside the Application
> Manager:
> .	Open the phone menu.
> .	Open the App. Manager inside the Tools folder
> .	Press "Options", then select "Settings".
> .	Set "Software Installation" from "Signed only" to "All".
> .	Press "Back" to close the Settings dialogue, then "Exit" to close
> the App. Manager.
> .	Now, you can install the TTS engine.
> Another reason could be that the date on your phone is not set correctly -
> as 3rd Edition software is digitally signed, SIS files can only be installed
> if the phone is set to a valid date.
> Q: Can I install the new release of TALKS&ZOOMS, while a previous release is
> active?
> A: Yes, if the new version is installed to the same memory location as the
> previous release. If you would like to change the memory location, you have
> to remove the previous release first!
> Q: Why do I get an "Upgrade error" when installing the S60 3rd/5th Edition
> version?
> A: The most likely reasons are that you have used a beta release, or already
> have the Nokia TTS driver available that was installed as a separate file
> with version 3.10. Please remove any beta version, as well as the Nokia TTS
> driver or the Nuance Speech2Go Reader application, before upgrading to TALKS
> 5.00.
> 6.	Full compatibility list
> 6.1.	Current models
> This section lists handsets running on Series 60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2
> and Series 60 5th Edition, many of which are still available at least in
> some markets:
> .	Keyboard phones:
> o	Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
> o	Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
> o	Nokia 6700 slide (but not 6700 classic!)
> o	Nokia 6210 Navigator
> o	Nokia 6220 Classic
> o	Nokia 6650 fold
> o	Nokia 6710 Navigator
> o	Nokia 6720 classic
> o	Nokia 6730 classic
> o	Nokia 6790 Surge / slide
> o	Nokia C5-00
> o	Nokia E52
> o	Nokia E66
> o	Nokia E71
> o	Nokia E71x
> o	Nokia E72
> o	Nokia E73
> o	Nokia E75
> o	Nokia N78
> o	Nokia N79
> o	Nokia N85
> o	Nokia N86
> o	Nokia N96
> .	Touch screen phones:
> o	Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
> o	Nokia N97
> o	Nokia N97mini
> o	Nokia X6
> .	Untested, but expected to work:
> o	Nokia 5228 Xpress Music
> o	Nokia 5230 Xpress Music
> o	Nokia 5235 Xpress Music
> o	Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
> o	Nokia 5730 Xpress Music
> o	Nokia C6-00
> o	Nokia E5-00
> o	Nokia X5-01
> 6.2.	Earlier models (3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and older)
> This section lists handsets running earlier versions of Series 60 3rd
> Edition which can still be upgraded to run TALKS 5.00. However, they are
> typically no longer available in most regions except as second-hand and
> refurbished devices.
> .	Nokia 3250
> .	Nokia 5500
> .	Nokia 5700
> .	Nokia 6110 Navigator
> .	Nokia 6120C
> .	Nokia 6121C
> .	Nokia 6124 Classic
> .	Nokia 6290
> .	Nokia E50
> .	Nokia E51
> .	Nokia E60
> .	Nokia E61
> .	Nokia E61i
> .	Nokia E62
> .	Nokia E63
> .	Nokia E65
> .	Nokia E70
> .	Nokia E90
> .	Nokia N71
> .	Nokia N72
> .	Nokia N73
> .	Nokia N75
> .	Nokia N76
> .	Nokia N80
> .	Nokia N81/ N81 8GB
> .	Nokia N82
> .	Nokia N91
> 	.	Nokia N95 / N95 8GB
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