[AI] HC lets blind girl take up physiotherapy

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a good news comes to us, by the grace of god, and hard efforts of
kanchan pamnani mam.
thank you, mam, for all of your nice efforts.
you're doing fantastic work.

folks, join me to cheer this girl and our own kanchan mam after
reading the news below.


HC lets blind girl take up physiotherapy

Rebecca Samervel, TNN, Aug 3, 2010, 03.44am IST

MUMBAI: Visually impaired Kritika Purohit (17) created a history of
sorts on Monday, when the Bombay high court granted her provisional
admission to the
physiotherapy course at G S Medical College. Purohit is probably the
first visually challenged student in the state to have got through a

Even as it granted her the permission, the HC division bench, of Chief
Justice Mohit Shah and Justice S C Dharmadhikar, chastised the
government, saying
when disabled people were trying to make a difference, the state
should change their mindset and give them a chance.

Purohit moved the high court when she was barred from appearing for
the MH-CET exams. The HC, however, allowed her to take the exams and
after clearing
it, Purohit sought admission to the physiotherapy course at G S
Medical College. However, the institute denied her admission; the
state said Purohit was
not being granted admission on the grounds that "the course required
handling of certain electrical devices that might pose a problem for
the student''.
Purohit's lawyer Kanchan Pamnani, also visually impaired, said it
would be difficult for her to study but not impossible.

Ordering the authorities to grant her provisional admission and the
chance to attend classes, the court said, "This mindset has to change.
You must feel
from within...many families have disabled people. That doesn't mean
you don't accept them.'' "Nothing is going to work out unless you make
a beginning
somewhere sometime,'' said Chief Justice Shah.

Purohit's parents Shekar and Shaswati could hardly hold back tears.
"Kritika lost her sight when she was nine years old. But even at that
age, she was
interested in science and wanted to do physiotherapy. We are very
proud of her,'' said her mother.

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