[AI] denial of attestation of signature in cheques by the new dy, . manager

amarnath de amarnath.delhi at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 2 12:15:59 EDT 2010

Hi friends,

I have a savings account with United Bank Of India, Delhi Oberoi Hotel branch. on 2009 I have got cheque facility, ATM and net banking facility with the help of Reserve Banks circular. 
The manager and Dy. manager used to attest my LTI on my self cheques and third party cheques.
Recently the manager has been changed of this branch. Now the new branch Dy. Manager Mr. Kali prasanna Panigrahi is replaced with the previous manager. He denied to attest my L.T.I. of my self cheques and third party cheques today. After a long debate he has signed my self cheque but still denying to attest third party cheques. He is repeatedly saying:
1. There is no such circular and he is denying to check there records.
2. He also is saying he will not repeat the mistakes which has been done by his previous counter part.

Please, help me in this regard to solve my problem. Many of you are working in various higher posts. Hope, I can be able to sick their help in this regards. Otherwise, all new stuffs will harass in such way. Now I am unable to pay my utility bills due to withheld of the facility.

My account no. with this bank is 0277010043737.


Amarnath De.
Mobile: +919868754148.

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