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TVG [Technical Voluntary Group] is working in Tamil Nadu to develop more accessibility assistance to the VI people.  Recently TVG has developed a software named "VALAYA_VEDAN" and officially released in its site


 which is to convert pdf files into tamil Unicode format.  It's working very well and We are able to read those documents by using e-speak with jaws or by NVDA.

      Unicode is a character 

      encoding standard that has widespread acceptance. Microsoft software uses 

      Unicode at its core. Whether you realize it or not, you are using Unicode 

      already! Basically, "computers just deal with numbers. They store letters 

      and other characters by assigning a number for each one. Before Unicode 

      was invented, there were hundreds of different encoding systems for 

      assigning these numbers. No single encoding could contain enough 

      characters.1" This has been the problem we, in SIL, have often run into. 

      If you are using a legacy encoding your font conflicts with the font 

      someone in another area of the world uses. You might have an  in your font 

      while someplace else someone used a  at the same codepoint. Your files are 

      incompatible. Unicode provides a unique number for every character and so 

      you do not have this problem if you use Unicode. If your document calls 

      for U+0289  it will be clear to any computer program what the character 

      should be 


Now TVG has decided to support other regional languages on the bases of request. 

Those who are interested in developing accessiblity assistance in their language may contact them through email . 

Email ID: thirdeyetvg at gmail.com 


As you know e-speak is a synthesisor which supports in many languages.  Nearly one year dedicated effort of Mr. T. D. Dinakar DPO Southern Railways  Chennai,  co-ordinating with Mr. Jonathan Duddington contact person of e-speak project has made e-speak to read tamil more perfectly. Its' phonetical expression is so good. Having e-speak as default synthesisor, NVDA becomes a very good screen reader in tamil. 

Interested people may contact Mr. Jonathan Duddington via email to make phonetical adjustments in e-speak unto speak their language more perfectly.



Email ID: jonsd at talktalk.net


Download site for e-speak is:


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