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The will to win
>From the streets to the college classroom, the path of Kaiser's life is lit 
by her enthusiasm to excel.

Photo: R. Ragu


As Kaiser walks through the campus of Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai, 
she is overcome by a myriad of emotions. The campus is buzzing with activity 
the academic year has just started. She walks from her hostel to classroom 
brimming with confidence and chatting with her friends all the while. Not 
she takes the help of a friend to climb a staircase or opens her Braille 
textbook does one realise that she is visually-challenged. Fifteen years 
Kaiser would not have imagined that she would step into one of the famous 
campuses on the road that was a virtual home for her and her mother. Her 
from being a destitute to an undergraduate student was made possible by two 
institutions in the city - The Banyan and the Ethiraj College for Women.

Kaiser's extraordinary story of transition began in 1997, when Porkodi of 
The Banyan and its student volunteers rescued Kaiser and her mother from the 
stop near Ethiraj College. "Kaiser was blind and her mother was mentally 
ill. A few months later, we sent her to Little Flower Convent. When she was 
Class VII, a surgery was done and after that she can see light and dark. She 
continues to be partially blind and uses Braille books," says Ms. Porkodi.

"Kaiser is hardworking, focused and sincere. She had a clear vision about 
her future," says Vandana Gopikumar, founder of The Banyan. Kaiser made her 
and well-wishers proud by securing 918 marks out of 1200 in Class XII. "Even 
though Kaiser applied to various colleges in the city, it was Ethiraj 
that invited her for admission, and encouraged her to opt for history," says 
Ms. Gopikumar. In the classroom she attentively listens to lectures and 
Braille textbooks.

"Our college, especially the history department, is well-equipped to handle 
and support visually-challenged students as we admit such candidates every 
says M. Thavamani, college principal. "Some of Kaiser's service-minded 
classmates will assist her and also she can use the book-reading software 
in the library."

Kaiser was keen on doing psychology and later dedicating herself to social 
work. But as the subject of psychology requires field work which may not be 
possible for her to do, she opted for history. "I am happy to have taken up 
B.A. History. I now plan to study for the IAS examination. It is my dream 
I am willing to work very hard to realise my dream," says Kaiser.

"With her dedication and keen mind, I am sure she will realise her dream one 
day," says Ms. Gopikumar. Vision is not just a matter of physical ability.
As the Kaiser story signifies, it is about determination too.
 The source taken from
The Hindu, Education plus August 2, 2010.
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