[AI] Denial of loan in HDFC Bank at Hyderabad

Mohammed Asif iqbal asifmaiqbal at hotmail.com
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What nounsense?  
I have got two car loan from HDFC for which I closed one of them
If they are not willing to listen;  please write to 
Aditya.puri at HDFCbank.com
Aditya is MD of HDFC bank and he happens to be a great listener of customers
and his office makes all effort to resolve the same.
Thanks and hope this helps.

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Dear friends,


One of my friends is denied a loan by HDFC Bank at Hyderabad on the ground
of his blindness.  As usually, they are not prepared to give it in writing.

If it is denial of opening of an account, we can go to ombudsman and fight
it out.  Since it being a loan, the bank will have an option of denying the
loan on other ground.  So, if there is anyone who obtained loan from HDFC
Bank, we can quote the example and convince the manager.  So, information
about the above required.



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