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Education Loan Subsidy
Posted By iCBSE On July 31, 2010 (11:55 pm) In Loan
Education Loan Subsidy Scheme in India

Central Scheme to provide Interest Subsidy for the period of moratorium on educational loans taken by students from economically weaker sections from schedule banks under the educational loan scheme of the Indian Banks Association.

The Central Scheme to provide interest Subsidy (CSIS) for the period of moratorium on educational loans taken by students from economically weaker sections from schedule banks under the educational loan scheme of the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) was circulated by this Ministry to all scheduled member banks of the IBA vide this Ministry's letter of even number dated 25.05.2010, a copy of which is also available on this Ministry's website at www.education.nic.in. The Scheme is based solely on income criteria and not social background. Modalities of implementation of the Scheme of Interest Subsidy are inbuilt in the Scheme as circulated by this Ministry vide its letter of even number dated 25.05.2010.

A copy of the presentation made by Canara Bank is enclosed. For further details and related issues regarding procedure for implementation of the interest loan subsidy scheme and reimbursement of claims under the Scheme as well as monitoring of the Scheme, you are requested to kindly contact Shri G.M Narsareddy , General Manager or Shri M.A Nayagam, Asstt General Manager. Canara Bank, Head office, 112, Jayachanarajendra Road, Bangalore- 560 002.
 As regards the issue of the list of recognised/approved courses/institutions to Banks it is clarified that a fresh list is not necessary since the banks are already sanctioning education loans through the IBA education loan Scheme. Banks may follow the list maintained by them under the IBA Loan Scheme and in case of doubt the Association of Indian Universities or MHRD could be approached.

The Scheme covers interest subsidy in respect of student loans to professional and technical courses which would enable the student to repay the loan advanced by banks after the moratorium either through self-employment or private/public/government employment. The scheme is effective from the academic year 2009-10 and that loans disbursed in 2009-10 would be covered under the scheme The scheme is an on-going scheme and the banks should claim reimbursement of the interest subsidy component for the period during which the scheme is operation from the Canara Bank, which is the nodal bank for this Ministry. However, interest subsidy should be claimed under the scheme only if subsidy was not being claimed by Banks against any other State Government Scheme in case, some State Governments were simultaneously offering a similar scheme of interest subsidy.

All banks are also requested to monitor the benefits accruing to different categories of loanees under this Scheme. For better statistical reference and collation of data, information pertaining to beneficiaries in respect of the categories to which they belong, namely, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities, Other Backward Classes, and Others: alongwith sub-classification in terms of gender, differently-abled/ persons with disabilities as well as the disciplines/programmes of study, year of enrolment and programmes as also the specialisation of study, institutions, locations, State-wise and Bank-wise, may be maintained.

A Press Release issued by this Ministry is enclosed for information. When an eligible student approaches the bank to seek the benefit of the Scheme of Interest Subsidy, a voluntary disclosure could be obtained from the student/parent with regard to the above statistical requirements (as far as possible) and the same could then be furnished to Canara Bank at the time of availing the claims. All banks are requested to kindly furnish claim statements in the prescribed format ( as designed by Canara Bank) to the Canara Bank which in turn would submit the consolidated claims of the Banks to the Ministry.

courtesy: http://www.education.nic.in/eduloancanara.pdf

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