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> From: Ashish Fernandes, Greenpeace India
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> Subject: Court Case
>            Dear krishnan m. moothimoola,
>            TATA has filed a law suit against Greenpeace for Rs 10 crore 
> because of our TATA v/s Turtles game, highlighting the threat the Dhamra 
> port poses to the turtles and other wildlife. [1] Greenpeace stands by its 
> actions and will present its case in court on August 12.
>            TATA is desperately trying to silence all opposition to their 
> port in Dhamra, Orissa. The port will start functioning next month even as 
> the Supreme Court’s Central Empowered Committee deliberates on its 
> violation of the Forest Conservation Act. TATA is simply trying to divert 
> attention from the core issue - the dangers their port poses to coastal 
> biodiversity.
>            There are over 300 more ports planned across the country’s 
> coastline. Many of these are in and around eco-sensitive areas.  You have 
> already written to Jairam Ramesh asking him to strengthen the Coastal 
> Regulation Zone notification to protect our coasts. We need to get more 
> voices to impress upon him the urgency of this issue.
>            Can you forward this mail to your friends and family asking 
> them to write to Jairam Ramesh?
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>                  Ask Jairam Ramesh to save our coasts. Click here to write 
> to him.
>            Dear supporter,
>            The Tatas have filed a law suit against Greenpeace for Rs 10 
> crore because of our TATA v/s Turtles game, highlighting the threat the 
> Dhamra port poses to the turtles and other wildlife [1]. Greenpeace stands 
> by its actions and will present its case in court on August 12.
>            The Tatas are trying to divert attention from their port’s 
> impacts, ignoring the concerns of 150,000 people, scientists, politicians 
> and NGOs.  The port has bent every law in the book, threatening turtles, 
> mangroves, crocodiles and other species [2].
>            Over 300 more ports are being planned across mainland India. 
> Many will be in and near eco-sensitive areas. We cannot let more Dhamras 
> happen and the Minister of Environment and Forest Jairam Ramesh needs to 
> act.
>            Can you write to Jairam Ramesh asking him to protect our 
> coasts?
>            http://greenpeace.in/turtle/no-more-dhamras
>            21,262 people have already written to him. More letters will 
> help make him realise that he cannot take the issue lightly.
>            A lot of these new ports are planned in or near mangroves, fish 
> breeding grounds and the habitats of marine turtles and other vulnerable 
> species.
>            In 1991 the Government had come up with a Coastal Regulation 
> Zone (CRZ) notification meant to protect our coasts. But over the years 
> this notification has been weakened to suit vested interests.
>            To prevent future Dhamras this notification needs to be 
> strengthened. Minister Jairam Ramesh can do this by inserting a clause 
> which prohibits construction of new ports and expansion of old ones within 
> 25km radius of eco-sensitive, CRZ I areas.
>            Ask Minister Jairam Ramesh to save India’s coastal spaces 
> before it’s too late:
>            http://greenpeace.in/turtle/no-more-dhamras
>            Thanks a billion!
>            Ashish Fernandes
>            Oceans Campaigner
>            Greenpeace India
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>            Sources:
>            1. Tata sue NGO over turtle game, DNA, 18th July,  2010
> http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report_tatas-sue-ngo-over-turtle-game_1411245
>            2. Wildlife activists move Supreme Court, The Times of India, 
> 10th Oct, 2010
> http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/NEWS/City/Bhubaneswar/Wildlife-Activists-Move-Supreme-Court-/articleshow/5110555.cms
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