[AI] Request for filling and returning research questionnaires

Janardhana Naidu jnganta at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 05:05:31 EDT 2010

Hello learned colleagues,
    I G. Janardhana Naidu a totally blind by birth pursuing Ph.D. on
"Public policy and empowerment of visually challenged -a study of
Andhra Pradesh" in the Department of Political Science, Osmania
University, Hyderabad.
My research is purely based on field study of employment and education
of visually impaired in Andhra Pradesh.  so I have prepared
questionnaires relating to education and employment of visually
impaired and uploaded to dropbox for requesting your kind self to
provide your suggestions, valuable inputs and experiences in the
education and employment of visual disability in general, Andhra
Pradesh in particular.

    I request your kind self to extend your helping hand and kind
cooperation for preparation of qualitative thesis on visual disability
by returning the filled research questionnaires.
    may I request students and employees belonging to Andhra Pradesh
and those who belong to other states and presently studying or working
in Andhra Pradesh to respond to my research questionnaires?
    I request the eminent scholars in the field of visual disability
to offer guidance and provide valuable inputs to proceed further with
my research work.
Please feel free to contact me for further information for filling and
returning the questionnaires.  I am very grateful to the moderator and
other members for using this platform for circulating research
questionnaires on visual disability.
Once again I request the members to kindly download the questionnaires
from the following links and return the filled questionnaires shortly
 through my personal E mail address given below.  Help in this matter
of every member is highly appreciated.
Questionnaire to students download link:

Questionnaire to employees download link:

E mail address for returning the questionnaires: janardhananaidu.g at gmail.com
Thanks in advance,
Yours sincerely,
G. Janardhana Naidu,
Research scholar,
Department of Political science,
Osmania University,
E mail: janardhananaidu.g at gmail.com
Skype: janardhananaidu
Mobile: 09440257537

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