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I second this thought!
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I would come up with my feedback on remaining seven subcommittee reports on 
AI blog in a couple of days, and would send it to relevant authorities also.
Meanwhile, a cursory reading of various reports leads me to think that 
drafting committee members are hijacked, so to say, by proponents   of 
rights of mentally illness. they do not even talk of mental retardation but 
only of mental disease only.

In the first place, it is the basic fallacy to deal with situation of 
persons with sensory and physical impairments  on the one hand and those 
with mental retardation or illness on the other in same manner, or for that 
matter even in the same act.
It is the fallacy which has been systematically promoted legally socially 
governmentally and even philosophically.
Practically of course, average attitude of a person's towards disabled is 
more or less same as if they are deranged mentally.
So, if now, champions in the disability field have recognized it as valid 
and are bent upon giving it legal sanction, then persons with sensory and 
physical impairments cannot  hope for any worse days.

Disease should be treated like disease and disability like a disability.
Disability even physical arising out of disease, say, orthopedic disability 
arising from Parkinson's disease, is a disability, but Parkinson's disease 
is a separate condition and should not be included in disability act, and 
only its consequence, in some cases when it happens, can be regarded as 

Mental retardation and illness may warrant treatment and welfare measures at 
best, and it should be confined to that.
Equating physically and sensorily impaired persons with mentally challenged 
by including them in same act or policies is a clear violation of article 
14, legally, and and,  insult socially.
I clarify here that learning disability is another thing and it should be 
properly defined and included in act which they have not done.

I would like to hear comments from friends about this and do something to 
rescue drafting committee from such domination.


"If you believe that there is a God, a God that made your
body, and yet you think that you can do anything with
that body that's dirty, then the fault lies with the manufacturer."

                                             --Lenny Bruce

(Rajesh Asudani)

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