[AI] Issues with my E52

Anandhi Viswanathan inbox.anandhi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 03:03:08 EDT 2010

Hi all,

My name is Anandhi and i am from Bangalore.

 I am facing certain issues with my E52. My mobile keeps hanging
several times during the day and does not revive on its own. each time
i have to remove the battery and put it back. I was initially using
the one month trial version of Talks on this mobile and i did not face
this problem. I am now using the one month trial version of mobile
speak and i started facing the problem from day one.

I want to know whether this is due to mobile speak- though it appears
so- or if this a general problem with the handset itself.

I think there could be a problem with the mike also as most people ask
me to repeat myself.

Would appreciate any help on this.

It takes only me to make my dreams come true!

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