[AI] Problem with Jaws 11

raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 08:01:21 EDT 2010

Hello there!

turn on the JAWS cursor, and press insert+r. it should be on the application 
window restriction.

maximise the window to work properly with JAWS.

change the view from ICON to Details.

How you use JAWS cursor to read further information? turn on the JAWS 
cursor. make sure that JAWS cursor is located on the location on pc cursor. 
to do this, turn on the JAWS cursor. press insert+numpad -. after that, 
press page down to locate the JAWS cursor on the title bar. and try to read.

if this will not solve your problem, please let me know.

you can chat me on my following E-mail id.

mozart1947 at live.com
raaju.biswakarma at yahoo.com
and, bidhwin at gmail.com

best regard. 

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