[AI] facing problem with Yahoo! messanger

raju singh bidhwin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 05:11:13 EDT 2010

respected sir!

after a long period of time, I am sending a problem, which I am facing by 
using Yahoo! messanger.

Though I am a new user of Yahoo! messanger. and my Hubby is also to serfing 
internet, chatting with new friend. when ever I chat by adding friend, its 
ok, but when I am chatting by searching friend, problem occurs. that is JAWS 
says, "type the character shown above" during typing, I never get that 
character. I search even with JAWS cursor, but, JAWS cursor also not be able 
to read, or even get that character. so, if any one have the Idea, or any 
one use Yahoo! messanger on a regular, please help me.

sincerely. yours.
Raju singh. 

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