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Various sources of scholarship at national level for the  student with
visual impairment and other disabilities. 

Dear friends, 

As the new accademic session has already commenced.  I take this opportunity
to paste a list of various national schemes of scholarship which may be
helpful to the needy students for meeting their financial requirements in
pursuance of higher education.  Some of these schemes are exclusively for
disabled students while others are accessible for all students of main
stream including the blind and other disables according to their qualifying
conditions.  I hope our V.I. students will be benefited through this

With kind regards,

Gautam Agarwal

Some important scheme of scholarship are as as under 


National Doctoral Fellowships
Eligibility Criteria:

Age: Below 35 years as on 31st of August of the year of application

Relaxation: 5 years in age limit for SC/ST, physically handicapped and women

Other: The candidate should be in the first year of full-time doctoral
programme in one of the host institutions listed in the Annexure.

Fellowship Details:

Number of Fellowships: 50

Duration: 3 years plus an extension upto 1 year

Value: Rs.12000 pm

Contingency Grant: Rs.25000 pa
Overhead Charges: Rs.20000 pa to be paid to the host institution

Disbursement: On yearly basis through host Institution (where the Fellow is
registered). Before disbursing fellowship grant for next year, AICTE is to
receive a Progress Report and Utilisation Certificate from host institution.

Monitoring of Progress: Progress is mentioned by an Expert Committee of
AICTE, which, if found unsatisfactory/or candidate fails to complete PhD
programme in the specified time of 3+1 years, fellowship will be terminated
without assigning any reasons

Selection Procedure:

Short-listed candidates will be called for interview sometime in
September/October. Final selection will be made from merit list prepared on
the basis of candidates' performance in interview

Notification & Deadline:

July each year. Deadline as per notification 


For more details visit

Indira Gandhi Sports Complex,
I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110 002.
Telephone Numbers: 011-23392506/ 63/ 64/ 65/ 68/ 71/ 73/ 74/ 78
Fax: 0112339255


: scholarships : national scholarships
National Scholarships
The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, India, provides 500
scholarships every year to students with disabilities. Of this, students
with visual impairments are provided 115 scholarships (70 to male students
and 45 to female students).
. To provide financial assistance to disabled students for pursuing higher
and technical education
. To support students in acquiring special aids and appliances for studies.
. Any Indian citizen
. Matriculation/secondary or any higher examination from a recognised board
or university
. Monthly family income of the beneficiary should not be more than Rupees
15,000 from all sources. Family income will include income of the parent and
in their absence income of the guardian.
Number of scholarships
500 through institutions in which students will undertake the study. Awards
will be given to different categories of disabled students in following
. Students with orthopaedic disability 70 awards (male students) 45 awards
(female students)
. Students with visual disability 70 awards (male students) 45 awards
(female students)
. Students with hearing disability 70 awards (male students) 45 awards
(female students)
. Students with low vision, cerebral palsy and disabilities other than above
90 awards (male students) 65 awards (female students).
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment issues advertisements every year
in the month of May in newspapers, and through Doordarshan, seeking
applications for awards.
Amount of scholarship
It varies for different courses and also depends on the availability of
hostel/residential facility with the institution. The details are given
. Ph D/M and post graduate/graduate level courses in Engineering/Indian and
other systems of medicine/Agriculture/Veterinary/IT/Biotechnology, Education
Management/Architecture, Physiotherapy, Music and other professional courses
Scholarship for hostlers (Rupees per month): 1,000 Scholarship for day
scholars (Rupees per month): 700
. Diploma and certificate level professional courses Scholarship for
hostlers (Rupees per month): 700 Scholarship for day scholars (Rupees per
month): 400.
The awardees will also be re-imbursed the course fee subject to a ceiling of
Rupees 10,000 per year. Besides students living in the hostel/residential
facility provided by the institutions, those students will also be
considered hostlers who live in an accommodation hired at least by a group
of 3 students living together with common mess arrangements. Such students
will have to furnish a certificate in this regard countersigned by head of
the institution.
More information
. Candidate needs to submit a disability certificate as per the definition
of disability under the Persons with Disability Act 1995.
. Financial assistance is given for the study of recognised post matric/post
secondary courses in recognised institutions and for one course to one
. Financial assistance is also given for the purchase of a computer with
editing software for blind and deaf graduate and postgraduate students
pursuing professional courses and purchase of support access software for
cerebral palsied students.
. Application to be made through head of the institution in which applicant
is enrolled for study. The format is given below for your assistance.
. Continuation/renewal of the award for next year will depend on
successfully completing the course in the preceding year with minimum 50
percent marks. Application for renewal/continuation of award should be sent
to the National Fund after successful completion of the academic year
through the institution in which the scholarship holder is enrolled. The
application form for renewal/continuation of award is given in here below
for your assistance.
. Assistance will not be available for the courses having duration of less
than one year.
. A scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other
scholarship/stipend. If awarded any other scholarship/stipend, the student
can exercise his/her option for choosing the scholarship and inform awarding
authority about the same.
. The scheme will be implemented by National Fund for People with
Send your applications to:
The Secretary
National Fund for People with Disabilities
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
4, Vishnu Digamber Marg,
New Delhi 110002
application form
continuation / renewal form.


Plot No.21, Sector VI, M.B. Road, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi-110017
Phone:011-29564198, 29562316-18

The scheme shall be called National Federation of the Blind National
Scholarship Scheme and shall be effective from the date of approval of the
National Executive Council i.e. 30-07-2006.
Following shall be the eligibility criteria:-
1.	The student applicant should have obtained minimum 50% marks in the
qualifying examination and there should be no break.
2.	Scholarship shall be given to those who are pursuing Graduation,
Post Graduation, B. Ed., B.T.C and Special Teacher Training course for the
3.	The amount of scholarship shall be Rupees 1000/- P.M. and will be
decreased in purportion to the amount of scholarship being given by the
State Governments. 
4.	The Scholarship application should be recommended by the President
/General Secretaries of Branches Affiliates and Units.  But where there is
no Branch / Affiliate/Unit it may be recommended by the Zonal Vice President
and Secretary.
5.	No scholarship shall be given for pursuing PHD.
6.	The Scholarship application on the prescribed Performa should reach
to the National Office accompanied by the attested copies of mark sheet,
copy of Identity Card, Fee Slip, bonafide certificate issued by the
concerned college/university with the recommendation of the
President/General Secretary of the concerned Branch/Affiliate/Unit or Zonal
Vice President/ Secretary whichever is applicable. The award of scholarships
shall be decided by the National Scholarship Committee.
7.	The applicant should be a member of the Federation.
8.	The number of scholarship for each state shall be as under:-
i.		Andhra Pradesh	50	xii.		Kerala
ii.		Bihar			94	xiii.		Madhya
Pradesh		94
iii.		Chhattisgarh		62	xiv.		Maharashtra
iv.		Delhi		          138	xv.		North East
v.		Goa			13	xvi.		Orissa
vi.		Gujarat			62	xvii		Punjab
vii.		Haryana		31	xviii		Rajasthan
viii.	Himachal 		13	xix.		Tamilnadu
ix.		J & K 			31	xx.		Uttar
Pradesh		          125
x.		Jharkhand		31	xxi.		Uttranchal
xi.		Karnataka		19	xxii.		West Bengal



affix recent pass port size color photo duly attested by the Principal/head
of the college/university which applicant is studied

------2.	Father's
Date of
----------------------5.	Details of Class/Course which the applicant
is pursuing in the current academic session 
a.	Name of the college/university:
b.	Date of
c.	Details of admission/tuition fee
      deposited for the

6.	Whether
a.	If hosteller the amount of Hostel fee
	including mess fee deposited for the
7.	Details of academic record from matriculation or equivalent up to
the last courses studied:-
S. No.	Examination	   Name of the School/		Board/University
with	    %of Marks 
				    College/university              the
school is affiliated





8.	Details of scholarship received during the last three academic years
from the Govt.  
S. No.		Year 				Total amount received

      1.	    --------------------
      2.	    --------------------

      3.	    -------------------
9.	Name of the Organization for which you applied
 Scholarship for current academic

10.	Are you a member of the Federation?
	If yes, attach photocopy of your membership Card
	and mention the I. Card No. and date

Signature of the Applicant




Declare that the above particulars (back of this form) are correct and it is
found that  any of the particular are wrong or any wrong statement has been
made, the Federation in its sole discretion will be entitled to recover the
amount of scholarship to me and also to take further action according to

Signature of the Applicant


Either by any of the National Office Bearer or National Executive Council
member or President/ General Secretary of any of the Branch, Affiliate or
unit of the Federation.


in my capacity as ___________________________________________verify that the
applicant is

pursuing ___________________________________________during the current
academic session

and also that he is not Govt. /Private Sector employee.

Name: ___________________

Designation: ______________
Date: ____________________

Project Saraswati of Fair & Lovely Foundation
The foundation gives out three types of scholarships to female candidates
.	Project Saraswati - Post Graduate 
.	Project Saraswati - Graduate 
.	Project Saraswati - High School 

Project Saraswati - Post Graduate:

It gives out scholarships amounting to Rs 1,00,000 per annum, per person to
deserving women graduates after a review of the candidate's academic
credentials, followed by a personal interview.

Project Saraswati - Graduate

Scholarship of upto Rs 1,00,000 per annum, per person is given out to women
who have the aptitude, drive and ambition to carve a place of pride for
themselves in society, but do not have the financial strength to realize
their dreams.

Project Saraswati - High School

Each girl will get upto Rs 3,000 per year in rural areas

Selection criteria

20 class X High School toppers from each of the five states mentioned below
will be granted this scholarship. These 100 deserving candidates will be
chosen from the following states:
.	Andhra Pradesh 
.	Madhya Pradesh 
.	Maharashtra 
.	Uttar Pradesh 
.	West Bengal 

For Details Visit: http://www.fairandlovelyfoundation.com/home.asp 


Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme for Students with Disabilities
National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) has
set up a Scholarship Scheme to enable competent disabled students with
limited financial means to receive higher education and become
professionally/technically qualified. 

Scholarship Amount:

The basic rate of scholarship shall be Rupees 1,200 per month. 


The candidate should be an Indian National between 18 and 35 years of
age.However, age can be relaxed at the discretion of the awarding authority.

The candidate should be either pursuing or should have gained admission to a
full time course in an Indian university established by law or in a
recognized equivalent institution. 

The income of the candidate or his parents/guardians should not exceed
Rupees 5,000 per month. 

Applications could be made for any one of the following courses/subjects: 
.	M.B.B.S., M.D., M.S. or an equivalent or higher course in Medicine
or Surgery 
.	Mechanical, Civil, Electronic or any other branch of Engineering, 
.	Computer Science, 
.	Business Administration, 
.	Management, 
.	Jurisprudence, 
.	Journalism, 
.	Architecture, 
.	Fine Arts, and 
.	Any other course that may be notified by the awarding authority from
time to time. 

At the discretion of the awarding authority, a scholarship may also be
awarded for a professional course of I.G.N.O.U. or any other recognised Open

NCPEDP remains in close touch with the selected candidates throughout the
duration of the Scholarship and regular follow-ups are done to check the
progress of the Scholars. The students submit a quarterly progress report
stamped by their college and signed by their faculty.

The quarterly scholarship grant is released only after NCPEDP is convinced
about the performance of the candidate. 

For more information about the Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme for Students
with Disabilities, Visit: http://www.ncpedp.org/eductn/ed-schol01.htm 

6.	Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund
The Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund offers scholarships for duration of up to
two years to Indian students who want to pursue a doctorate in India.

The Scholarship is give out to:

I. Indian Nationals for Ph.D studies in India
II. Indian nationals for visit to another Asian country for collection of
material for their Ph.D studies in India.
III. Nationals of other Asian countries for Ph.D studies in India, 

To be eligible for the scholarship you need to be: 
.	You must have a first class post-graduate degree. 
.	You must not be more than 35 years of age. 
.	You must be a fulltime Ph D scholar. 
.	Part time scholar can apply only for a visit to another Asian
country to collect materials for their Ph D studies in India. 
.	You should already registered for the Ph D degree at an Indian
university/ institution at the time of applying for the scholarship. 

Subjects of study

You must be pursuing studies in one of the following broad areas. 
.	Science and Technology as an integral component of economic and
social activity, including Philosophy of Science 
.	Comparative studies in Religion and Culture 
.	International Relations and Constitutional Studies 
.	Indian History, Civilisation and Culture 
.	Interface of Social Change and Economic Development 
.	Environmental Ecology and Sustainable Development 
.	Studies in the life and work of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 

Scholarship amount:

For category I and II, the scholarship amount will include the following:
.	Rs 6,000 per month, as maintenance allowance 
.	Rs 10,000 per annum as contingency expenses, including travel
expenses and actual tuition fee for studies in India 

For category III, the scholarship amount will include:
.	Maintenance allowance 
.	Actual fee or other charges 
.	Airfare for visit to the concerned Asian country and back 

Application form and Information Sheet showing the details of scholarship
can be obtained from the following address by sending a self-addressed
envelope of minimum 25 * 10 cms size. 

Administrative Officer
Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, 
Teen Murti House, 
New Delhi - 110 011 


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College Scholarships for Hearing Impaired Students - last date for
applications 31 August 2010, Maharashtra and Gujarat, India

Dear Friends

Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation, a public charitable trust,
encourages integration, higher education and equal opportunity by
awarding scholarships for college education to hearing impaired
students since last 16 years. So far 391 hearing-impaired students of
Maharashtra and Gujarat have benefited by the scheme.

Applications are invited for scholarships from Hearing Impaired
students who have passed, SSC, HSC, Bachelor's or Master's level
examination in any discipline from regular school, college or
institution only in June 2010. Scholarships are open to students of
Maharashtra and Gujarat only.

Those hearing impaired students in Gujarat, who have passed HSC from
special schools in June 2010, having confirmed admission in college or
university, are also eligible to apply. The application forms can be
obtained from the foundation's website: www.bahushrutfoundation.org

The last date for submitting duly filled form is 31st August 2010.

For more information visit our website: www.bahushrutfoundation.org.

Thanking you for your kind co-operation

Yours truly,

Nilam Patel

Founder and Managing Trustee

Bahushrut Foundation
E-mail: npbf at bahushrutfoundation.org

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