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Satguru Rathi tarannumrathi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 03:27:19 EDT 2010

Hi Vetri,

This is Satguru from New Delhi, India.

I've just bought Nokia C5 three days back and installed talks V5.003 (demo 

Here are my findings:
1. Don't know about the appearance of the contact window visually, but 
totaly inaccessible with talks. However, since I used my previous sim which 
has all my contacts stored so I know them all and I search them by typing a 
few innitial alphabates.
2. Talks crashes when opening profiles and screen goes totally black for few 
seconds and resumes automatically with talks reading the standby screen.

3. You can't make an outgoing call with talks running; you will have to mute 
it before pressing the call button. If you don't do so, and press the call 
button, the above mentioned thing will happen and you will be landed on the 
main window (Standby).

4. Soft key2 (command to anounse caller's name when incoming call is there) 
doesn't work. Pressing this key to hear the caller's name also would yeald 
the same result. and you will not be able to take that call. (call gets 
disconnected and phone returns to main window).


Satguru Rathi.
Mobile: +91-9971231627
Email: satgururathi at yahoo.co.in
Skype: satgururathi 

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