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Special Features 

A candle flickers 

in darkness 

magine waking up one fine 

morning to pitch darkness. 

When you can't see a thing 

around you! It took sometime for 

C A Ansar to realise that he had 

actually turned blind because of 

glaucoma, a disease in which the 

optic nerve is damaged leading to 

irreversible loss of vision. "I had 

seen this colourful and lively world 

for 26 years and then suddenly the 

light went off my eyes. I was 

stunned. I stood there unable to 

move. Life virtually ground to a halt 

for me," Ansar remembered those 

dreadful days while speaking to Deccan 


Three years later, Ansar is a busy 

reflexologist in Kochi with a steady 

stream of clients, including some 

from the tinsel world like Mohanlal, 

Hariharan and Prabhu Deva. 

Reflexology is a natural healing art 

based on the principle that there 

are reflexes in the feet, hands and 

ears and their referral areas which 

correspond to every part, gland and 

organ of the body. By applying pressure 

on these reflexes mainly at the 

feet without using tools or lotions, 

reflexology relieves tension, 

improves circulation and helps 

promote the natural function of the 

related areas of the body. 

Becoming a successful blind 

reflexologist is no small achievement 

when one watches Ansar still 

groping his way along the busy 

roads of Kochi giving tense 

moments to any onlooker. He gets 

on safely to one of those infamous 

speeding private buses of Kochi 

from his home in Aluva, gets down 

in the city some 15 km away and 

walks nervously with the help of a 

friend to the clinic where he works. 

According to the youth, it all started 

with dust allergy and the medicines 

he took for it. Glaucoma is 

associated with increased pressure of 

the fluid in the eye. It was during his 

study at the Vyasa Vivekananda Yoga 

Anusandhana Samsthana in Bangalore 

that the tragedy struck him. 

As fate would have willed, Ansar 

had already taken a PhD in alternative 

medicine from Kolkata, completed 

a course in reflexology from 

an institute in Mumbai and dabbled 

with ayurveda a bit. These experiences 

came in handy when he 

realised "that the choice before a 

blind man was either to turn to begging 

or find a job which can accommodate 

impaired vision." A few 

things happened in quick succession 

which gave him confidence. 

First came the "white cane"provided 

by the Blind Association with 

which he began to take steps inside 

his home and premises. The 

second turning point was the role 

played by the parents of a small boy 

who had turned paralytic and on 

whom he had done reflexology 

before he turned blind. 

"The parents wanted me to 

resume the session. I was circumspect 

as I was not sure whether I 

would be able to feel the sensitive 

points on the foot to do reflexology 

without seeing them. My business-

man-friend Jomon asked me to try 

out my skills on him. I tried and 

Jomon was ecstatic. "There is no 

difference in your work with or 

without your eyes, go ahead, he told 

me," Ansar recollected. There has 

been no looking back for the youth 

ever since as he soon joined the Taj 

Residency at Marine Drive in Kochi 

for offering reflexology to clients. 

Initially, foreigners were his clients 

as they were familiar with it. Soon, 

many VIPs in Ernakulam joined his 

client list. Ansar says that reflexology 

resolves mainly stress-related 

illnesses, sleep disorders and even 


"What came as a 

blow to me was myinability to see theface of my mother forone last time when 

she died. My sadnesscan't be expressed inwords. But I lived 

through it and gotover it." 

Ansar left his job at Taj (Now 

Gateway Hotel) to cater to more local 

clients though his old clients still 

seek him out. However, what came 

as a blow to him was his inability to 

see the face of his mother for one 

last time when she died. "My sadness 

can't be expressed in words. 

But I lived through it and got over 

it," he said. Later, he married to a 

girl from Ottapalam in Palakkad 

district and has a three-month-old 

daughter now. "I am financially 

better now. But life is a struggle and 

I prod on. I want to tell all those 

who are blind to learn reflexology as 

it best suits their condition to earn a 

livelihood. Otherwise, we have no 

other option but to beg," says the 

determined youth. 

R Gopakumar in Kochi 


Ansar treating one of his clients. 

The two are now 'sick and 

tired' and have approached 

the NHRC to allow them to 

lead a normal life .

does any one want to speack him at mobile, (09744441189).

his websight:


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