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In case any one plans to do a degree course in psychology please save this circular. It will help if you are from Bombay Univ and it will help you fight if you are from another Univ. Prateek and others who have websites for circulars please upload for maximum benefit.






A reference is invited to the Guidelines relating to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree course vide Circular No.UG/407of 2007 dated 10th October, 2007 and the Principals of the affiliated colleges in Arts and the Professor-cum-Director. Institute of Distance and Open Learning are hereby informed that the recommendation made by the Board of Studies in Psychology at its meeting held on 29th January, 2010 has been accepted by the Academic Council at its meeting held on 3rd March, 2010 vide item No. 4.25 and that, in accordance therewith the guidelines for conducting Practical (Paper VIII-Practicals in Cognitive Processes and Psychological Testing) and the Practical examination for visually impaired students who pursue at the T.Y.B.A. Psychology as a Single Major subject to read as under and the same has been brought into force with effect from the academic year 2010-2011.


 1. For the experiments in Psychology, the visually impaired students will use materials con veiled wherever possible into accessible formats (Braille, audio, e-copy, tactile). The help and support of Resource Centres for the Visually Impaired .like the Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) can be taken for converting the required materials.      


 2. The visually impaired students can take assistance of a writer-cum-helper for making observational recordings during practicals and practical examination wherever required. If the students and writer-cum-helper are of the same stream, too education a qualifications of writer should be one step below that of the students. This condition will not be applicable if they are of different streams.


 3. The practical examination of the visually impaired students should be conducted in a separate room with suitable seating arrangement. A team of two external examiners will examine the students on the specified criteria (Instructions given to the Subjects and Conduct of the experiment = 25 marks; Viva = 10 marks; Short Written test based on the Basic of Experimentation and Statistics in Psychological Research and Exercises in  Psychological  Testing  -15   marks;  and  Written  Report of the experiment conducted = 35 marks). If an experiment involves visual content to a large extent the students will be examined on it through viva, and not actual conduct of the experiment. The members of the committee for Psychology constituted under Section 32 (5) (a) of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, after consultation with appropriate agencies /competent authorities on visual impairment, will specify the experiments in the syllabus which involve visual content to a large extent for the information of the visually impaired students and the examiners


 4. The Internal Assessment marks out of 15 given by the concerned college will be added to obtain the total marks out of 100. The-students will be required to maintain the journal with reports of experiments in written or typed form, prepared with the help of a writer/scribe.





5.The visually impaired students will be given extra time of 1 hour and thus, their practical examination will be of 4 hours duration instead of the usual 3 hours.


The above guidelines with respect to extra time for practical examination, qualifications of the scribe/helper and providing alternative questions if there are visuals in the question paper are in accordance with the High Court Guidelines mentioned in Circular No.DWC/C. No.7/Writer/Facility/96-07/2951 dated 20th December, 2006 and the circular dated 3rd May, 2008 issued by the Controller of Examinations of the University of Mumbai regarding providing a writer to blind students and granting extra time.





MUMBAI-400 032                                                         L. R. MANE

19th June, 2010                                                          Offg. REGISTRAR









The Principals of the affiliated colleges in Arts and the Professor-cum Director, Institute of Distance and Open Learning





No. UG/133-A of 2010,         MUMBAI-400 032                19th June, 2010


Copy forwarded with compliments for information to:-


 1)  The Dean Faculty' of Arts,

 2)  The Chairman, Board of Studies in Psychology

 3)  The Controller of Examinations.

 4)  The Co-Ordinator, University Computerization Centre.


(D. N. Jadhav)     

Ag. Deputy Registrar      (UG.PG Section)






Copy to .

The Director, Board of College and University Development the Deputy Registrar (Eligibility and Migration Section), the Director of Students Welfare, the Executive Secretary to the to the Vice- Chancellor, the Pro- Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar and fee Assistant Registrar, Administrative sub-center Ratnagiri for information.


The Controller of Examinations (10 copies), the Finance and Accounts Officer (2 copies). Record Section (5 copies), Publications Section (5 copies)  the Deputy Registrar, Enrolment Eligibility and Migration Section (3 copies), the Deputy Registrar, Statistical Unit (2 copies), the Deputy Register (Accounts Section), Vidyanagari {2 copies), the Deputy Registrar, Affiliation Section C copies), the Professor-cum- Director, Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL), (10 copies) the DirectT University Computer Center (IDE Building), Vidyanagari, (2 copies) the Deputy Registrar (Special Cell) the Deputy Registrar, (PRO) the Assistant Registrar, Academic Authorities Unit (2 copies) and the Assistant Registrar, Executive Authorities Unit (2 copies). They are requested to treat this as action taken report on the concerned resolution adopted by the Academic Council referred to in the above circular and that on separate Action Taken Report will be sent in this connection. The Assistant Registrar Constituent Colleges Unit (2 copies), BUCT (1 copy), the Deputy Account Unit V (1 copy), the In-charge Director. Centralize Computing Facility (1 copy), the Receptionist (1 copy), the Telephone Operator (1 copy) the Secretary MUASA (1 copy), the Superintendent, Post-Graduate Section (2 copies), the Superintendent. Thesis Section (2 copies)



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