[AI] problems with firefox and JAWS.

Mahesh Panicker maheshspanicker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 07:42:45 EDT 2010

hi listers.
after I installed Jaws 11 on my system, I am facing a strange problem
with firefox. often with some sites, even after the page is opened,
Jaws doesn't recognize heddings and links. one has to quit Jaws and
restart it to be  able to read the links and heddings. even the arrow
keys won't work when the thing gets stuck. I am using the latest
version of Jaws, and I use webvisum as well. my OS is windows Vista
home premium.
any suggestions?
thanks in advance,
Mahesh S. Panicker
Dayanand Colony;
Lajpat Nagar4;

New delhi india.

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