[AI] Judgment or ruling regarding posting of physically handicaps near home town

girish_2001 at yahoo.com girish_2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 13:53:03 EDT 2010

Hello friends, i'm assistant  professor of history in govt. Degree college, after being selected by state: uttara khand  public service commission for the same, it comes under A category,as its its gazetted class 1 job. May i very kindly request & b greatful 2 u friends if any1 can help me in lettin me know is there any judgement , ruling, GO(Gobt Order involving any state, govt department, publuc sector,etc.) where physically handicap given relief in transfer posting, rather posted near 2 their home town. may i mention here that nature of my disability is 100% as i m blind since birth. Thanks&regards, girish sethi. Adress: 10 dispensary road, dehra dun,-248001,uttara khand, india. landline phone:+91-135-2651206, mobile:09897227636, telefax: +91-135-2652072, e-mails: girishsethi2001 at gmail.com girish_2001 at yahoo.com              

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