[AI] Introduction - new member.

Pranav Lal pranav.lal at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 21:45:08 EDT 2010

Hello Mahesh,

A significant number of jobs involve the use of computers. These can be
technical or non-technical. For instance, a lot of human resources or
marketing jobs involve the use of computers.

Techies would be the least qualified people to advise you on what can be
done. We know the technology and its possibilities and can be very creative
in using technology to solve problems.

You need to contact career counselors if there are any in India who are
familiar with disability. Also, before choosing a career, please explore
what are the options out there. Focus on a career first before considering
its accessibility. Therefore, you find the career first, and then check if
it interests you and then check if it is accessible. If the career meets the
above three criteria, then go for it. 

Exploring careers is not easy so give yourself plenty of time. Remember,
careers are not set in stone so you can switch but that has its own


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