[AI] bank cheque problem

gajendra vyasgajendra at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 04:46:38 EDT 2010

here is Gajendra vyas
i have my salary account with axis bank with cheque book from october 2004. i could transact smoothly till now.
in october 2009 cheque on L I C for policy premium was dishonored for sign differ. 
i informed bank in written that being blind my sign may differ. at that time bank told me that bank would contact me on phone in case of sign differ and compansat for penalty i paid to lic.then in april again cheque for l i c was again dishonored for sign differ , [ the officer is transfered]. no compansation is given yet.
my 3 more cheques are dishonored for the same.
now what to do?
my experienced friends tell me " how blind person draw third party cheque? what can i do for this ?
gajendra vyas 
phone : 079-30127030
mobile :09427065866

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