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mahesh kumar mahesh.proff at gmail.com
Sat Jul 17 09:25:30 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

       First-of-all, I feel very very happy to know about this mailing list.
I gained lot of confidence just by reading all  the mails i got from last
ten days. And still, I'm growing in confidence now. I thank the list
moderator and organizer of the list for this great work. I think many people
like me are getting benefited through this one. Let me introduce to all of

                                   I'm Mahesh Kumar, completed my B. tech
degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2010. I came to know about my Visual
impairement  and RP just three  years ago. Luckily or Unluckily, my vision
has not spolied to great extent and i used to read the paper with naked eye
but with some difficulty. Now also, I have same condition. Only few of my
friends know about my condition Till that time, i used to perform very well
in my academics and i used to be in the list of first three members in my
class. But when i came to know about this disability, i was depressed to a
great extent, As my parents are not much educated and as i live in a small
town, I was unable to know the opportunities for the V.I candidates.But from
past one year, I'm coming to know about the facilities and  technologies
which help us to perform equally as the others, I feel that i made a blunder
by feeling depressed. Because of which, my percentage in graduation has been
dropped to 75% where it is 90% in my 10th and 96% in my 10+2. I managed to
study the last two years of my graduation with the help of my friends.

You may feel this one silly... i didnt even attended the  campus placements
conducted in my college. I was so stupid at that time.

However, past is past. Now, I came to know that we can find opportunities in
many places. I feel so glad to hear that. But now, i'm confused of choosing
the below two fields:

1. I'm interested in getting in to IT sector as the job is to be done using
computers, i feel it suits better. I request the Techie guys present in this
list l to advice me and give me  guidance in choosing this career.

2. Getting a govt job before my vision gets deteriorate.  and to settle as
soon as possible.

And also, I request all of the list members to inform any information which
they  feel is useful to me.

At present, I'm comfortable with using  magnifier.  I know Jaws too... but
not completely. I'm still learning some keystrokes.

Please be patient to read this long mail. And I request all the list members
to extend their cooperation whenever neede.  You can also contact me off the
list too.

With Regards,
Mahesh Kumar B
Phone:.  +91-9030936798
Email 1 : maheshguru.b at gmail.com
Email 2: mahesh.proff at gmail.com

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