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Jayachandran1977 jayachandran1977 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 20:55:24 EDT 2010

Hello Access Indians,

This is Jayachandran from Chennai.

I would like to learn Hindi.  My mother tongue is Tamil.  I had no chance of 
learning Hindi in the past.  However during schooling I learned little bit 
of Hindi. Last year I got appointed in S B I  in clerical cadre.  Being a 
visually impaired person, I think learning Hindi may definitely help in my 
professional life.  So nowadays I am learning hindi.  I am trying to 
converse in Hindi with Hindi knowing people.  Daily I am learning new words. 
Since I learned Hindi in schooling as a sighted person, I know the sighted 
Hindi alphabets .  With that help I learned Microsoft Keyboard layout of 
Hindi with the help of Lekha, e speak and NVDA. For installing Lekha, our 
list member , Mrs. Sakina helped me a lot.  Thanks for her.

Now I am looking for some websites where they an teach me Hindi in a proper 
way.  Is there any mailing lists in Hindi to improve my knowledge.  If so, 
please inform me.  You can also suggest me the various ways to improve my 
hindi.  I dont want to learn Hindi only for speaking, instead I would like 
to learn it for writing also.  Writing means typing in computers.  So I 
would like to learn the spelling of each and every letter also.

Before completing this mail, I have to say one more thing.  I dont know 
braille, so please dont suggest me the hindi braille magazines.

I hope you learned people can guide me in this regard.  Please throw some 
light in my issue and reply me as early as possible.  You can contact me off 
the list also.

I am interested to converse in Hindi.  So if somebody interested, you can 
call me over skype.

My skype:  jayachandran1977

I will be available in the mornings from 7.00 to 8.00.A.M. in Skype.

Sorry for this long mail.

Looking forward for your positive and early mails.  Dear friends, I am not 
very good in English also.  If there is any grammatical mistakes in this 
mail.  Please apologise.

Thanks in advance.


jayachandran1977 at gmail.com

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