[AI] Everyone can now try MS 4.5 and MG 2.6 for 30 days for free!

Mukesh Sharma mrmukeshsharma at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 13:03:55 EDT 2010

Copy Paste from Mobile Speak mailing list.
Hello all,

We would like to inform you that everyone, new users as well as
existing users who have already used a trial version of a past version
of Mobile Speak or Mobile Geo, can now try Mobile Speak 4.5 and Mobile
Geo 2.6 for 30 days for free!

Don't miss this opportunity to try the new keypad and joystick touch
modes of Mobile Speak! With V4.5, using a touch screen becomes as easy
as using a phone with physical keys. To read more about the new Mobile
Speak touch modes, visit
for Mobile Speak 4.5 for Symbian, or
119 <http://codefactory.es/descargas/family_4/ms_4_50_userguide_wm.htm> 
for Mobile Speak 4.5 for Windows Mobile.

Download now Mobile Speak 4.5 using the download wizard at
http://codefactory.es/en/downloads.asp?id=347 or browsing the full
list of Code Factory downloads at

You can read the press releases of Mobile Speak 4.5 for Symbian at
http://codefactory.es/en/press.asp?id=388&y=2010&n=83, and Mobile
Speak 4.5 for Windows Mobile at

Best regards,

Code Factory Team
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