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Adhimoolam Vetrivel Murugan vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 15:14:48 EDT 2010

If someone is using thunder, then can you compare it to NVDA? I would
like to know it's voice quality, web navagation etc.



On 13/07/2010, solomon s <teachsolo at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Subject:	Thunder screen reader
> From:	"Screenreader.net" <reply at screenreader.net>
> Date:		13/07/2010 8:39 pm
> NEWSLETTER July 2010
> Remember us? We're the people that provided you the no cost download of the
> Thunder screen reader software. We now have a new version of Thunder, V2, up
> and ready for everyone at www.screenreader.net. It’s really good and I hope
> we get lots of feedback from you. So what’s new?
> Obviously, Thunder has been brought up to date and now works well with
> Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit versions. Don't be put off by wise guys
> telling you that Windows 7 and Office ‘07 are not good for blind users.
> Microsoft has made great efforts to improve the accessibility and it’s just
> a case of learning a few new keystrokes and tricks of the trade.
> Until now, we’ve relied on the WebbIE text browser for the Thunder internet
> experience. That’s great and we have no plans to stop using WebbIE and
> Alasdair at WebbIE amazes us by constantly updating and improving his
> software. He’s a mighty supporter of blind computer users. But now, for the
> first time, Thunder users can start to enjoy Internet Explorer mainstream
> and Sensory Software Ltd have been pretty ingenious with their keystrokes.
> What I mean is that you can achieve a great deal with very few and easy
> keystrokes. As an example; you can keep pressing the PGDN key and hear much
> of what is available on websites. Pressing the END key takes you through any
> form filling you encounter. The function keys are used to deal with other
> matters: F4 gives you that fantastic easy Web search facility and F2 then F3
> permits you to search for a word within the webpage you are on. F7 hops
> between headers and F10 brings up the list of links. All very easy and works
> whatever the language. Of course, the TAB key takes you from link to link.
> There are plans to develop all this so that we are well ready for when IE9
> comes along. But if you find that WebbIE suits your purpose, just stick with
> it.
> Thunder is more stable than ever and the memory stick version is now almost
> as responsive as if the software were installed on the machine you are
> using. It’s absolutely amazing that, for the price of a memory stick, around
> £6 in the UK, and maybe with a bit of help from a mate, you can use your
> Thunder on other machines, in the library, internet cafe or at your friend's
> home, without installing anything at all on the host computer. Compare this
> with the price of commercial alternatives and, if money becomes short, well,
> why spend? Keep your money for training or something else.
> We have been busy in other ways too. Since the end of last year, we have
> been organising fifty web learning days around England for combined
> audiences of blind and seeing people. At each learning day, we have aimed to
> recruit a Thunder Champion to spread the word locally and encourage other
> blind people to get connected. We are pleased that all this has given work
> to three blind certificated IT trainers at a time when work is hard to come
> by as the larger blindness organisations take the cream.
> We have landed a second European Commission contract to put Thunder into
> more languages: Greek, Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian and Spanish. In all these
> countries, many blind people are poor and will never be able to spend out on
> commercial products. We remain passionate that by right access to computers
> should be there for all blind people. It’s taking a little while but we are
> not put off by lack of support from organisations with money and we continue
> to get great feedback from Thunder users round the world.
> When we started Thunder in 2006, we were the only "nuts" to be doing
> something at no cost to the user which others were charging an arm and a leg
> for. But now we are not alone. NVDA comes out of Australia and is a great
> product too and the Mighty innovating Apple Corporation integrates its
> Voiceover talking and magnifying software into all of its products, from the
> iPod to the 27 inch screen desktop as well as the iPhone and the iPad, which
> are to us out of the box. We have never had so much choice or accessibility.
> Ever wondered whose behind Thunder and Screenreader.net? We're Roger &
> Margaret and you can hear us talking about our software and the challenges
> we face in keeping it up to date by copying and pasting the following url
> into your browser:
> http://www.seethedifference.org/charities/communication-for-blind-people/screen-reading-software-for-the-blind.
> Or why not visit the blind blogger at: http://theblindblogger.blogspot.com/
> ==============================================
> We are mailing you because you have previously downloaded the Thunder
> software.
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