[AI] How to know the series of mother board?

Kiran S Deshpande kiranpru at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 13:21:27 EDT 2010

Hi Devendra,

1.Paste the following code in a notepad
2.save it on desktop with an extension .vbs
3. double click on the file on desktop.
4. it will keep on giving messages on desktop(all other windows be minimized
) n ur screen reader will read many properties.

Do the same n let me know if it sorts the issue else there is another free
program i may suggest you to download the same...


Kiran S Deshpande

copy the below code(its royalty free)

strComputer = "."
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\CIMV2")
Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery( _
    "SELECT * FROM Win32_BaseBoard",,48)
For Each objItem in colItems
    Wscript.Echo "-----------------------------------"
    Wscript.Echo "Win32_BaseBoard instance"
    Wscript.Echo "-----------------------------------"
    Wscript.Echo "Caption: " & objItem.Caption
    If isNull(objItem.ConfigOptions) Then
        Wscript.Echo "ConfigOptions: "
        Wscript.Echo "ConfigOptions: " & Join(objItem.ConfigOptions, ",")
    End If
    Wscript.Echo "CreationClassName: " & objItem.CreationClassName
    Wscript.Echo "Depth: " & objItem.Depth
    Wscript.Echo "Description: " & objItem.Description
    Wscript.Echo "Height: " & objItem.Height
    Wscript.Echo "HostingBoard: " & objItem.HostingBoard
    Wscript.Echo "HotSwappable: " & objItem.HotSwappable
    Wscript.Echo "InstallDate: " & objItem.InstallDate
    Wscript.Echo "Manufacturer: " & objItem.Manufacturer
    Wscript.Echo "Model: " & objItem.Model
    Wscript.Echo "Name: " & objItem.Name
    Wscript.Echo "OtherIdentifyingInfo: " & objItem.OtherIdentifyingInfo
    Wscript.Echo "PartNumber: " & objItem.PartNumber
    Wscript.Echo "PoweredOn: " & objItem.PoweredOn
    Wscript.Echo "Product: " & objItem.Product
    Wscript.Echo "Removable: " & objItem.Removable
    Wscript.Echo "Replaceable: " & objItem.Replaceable
    Wscript.Echo "RequirementsDescription: " &
    Wscript.Echo "RequiresDaughterBoard: " & objItem.RequiresDaughterBoard
    Wscript.Echo "SerialNumber: " & objItem.SerialNumber
    Wscript.Echo "SKU: " & objItem.SKU
    Wscript.Echo "SlotLayout: " & objItem.SlotLayout
    Wscript.Echo "SpecialRequirements: " & objItem.SpecialRequirements
    Wscript.Echo "Status: " & objItem.Status
    Wscript.Echo "Tag: " & objItem.Tag
    Wscript.Echo "Version: " & objItem.Version
    Wscript.Echo "Weight: " & objItem.Weight
    Wscript.Echo "Width: " & objItem.Width


On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 7:24 PM, Devendra Nikose <d_nikose at yahoo.co.in>wrote:

> Hello friends,
> I have Intel original mother board in my PC. I want to know the series of
> mother board. Please tell me the step by step process.
> Regards
> Devendra
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Kind Regards,

Kiran S Deshpande.


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