[AI] Suggestions needed for Laptops, & Windows XP or Windows 7?

dhanak bhavesh.dhanak at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jul 13 13:03:25 EDT 2010

Hi friends,
Hope all are rocking!
As the subject says, I need your valuable suggestions to purchase a new laptop:
What windows should I go for considering Jaws and a VI user accessibilities?
Should I go for Windows 7, or stick to XP?
I request all masters out there to suggest some of the laptop's models, based on their knowledge or the users on their experience.
Awaiting your precious suggestions.
Thanking you all in anticipation.
Bye, God bless all, keep laughing!

" If you don't get time to pray, try to make people laugh! "

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With Smile and thanks from Bhavesh Dhanak.

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