[AI] Using wireless keyboard with Nokia N79

Vicky Singh ask.champs at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 09:13:44 EDT 2010

Dear List members,

Hope all are doing fine.

Recently I had purchased a Microsoft wireless keyboard. I would like
to know how I can use it for typing SMS on my Nokia N79. A step by
step guide shall be highly appreciated.

Also I would request some techie guys to create a channel on inclusive
planet for Nokia N79 where all resources can be pooled and users can
help each other in resolving the problems. I think it will help in
reducing the traffic regarding Nokia N79 on main mailing list. Also it
will help a user to browse a collection of problems and solutions
before posting a query to the group. And browsing 15 – 20 mails
instead of browsing entire AI mailing list archives will be a lot

Similar channels can be created for more popular cell phone models like E63 etc.



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