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Over the last decade, Internet has become an intrinsic part of businesses globally. Industries across sectors and sizes realize that online is no longer a matter of choice, but it's a matter of survival! As internet becomes critical to global Business Inc, ever wondered what are the jobs driving this industry? 

A recent survey charts the top 50 rising job categories in the online labour market quarter by quarter. The survey done by Freelancer.com looks at the most in-demand skills in online outsourcing. 

Here's over to the hottest online jobs list. 
No. 1: Geolocation 

Geolocation grabbed the number one spot this quarter as the location wars heated up. While Foursquare and Twitter battled it out, freelance workers reaped the benefits seeing a whopping 909% increase in geolocation jobs online. 
No. 2: HTML5 

26% of all web video is available using HTML5 (The Register) and this number is only going to increase as Steve Jobs famously gave Flash the cold shoulder with the release of the iPad and new iPhone. This endorsement gave HTML5 the shot in the arm it needed and lead to a massive 721% boost in HTML5 jobs
No. 3 Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Services came in as the number three fastest mover in the last quarter, denoting the continued popularity of cloud computing. Up 446% from the previous quarter, anything related to hosting services over the Internet has seen an impressive increase. 
No. 4: Mobile apps 

The global appetite for apps continued unabated as mobile phone jobs rose steadily, up 282% from Q2. Having an app has become an essential tool for any business and SMEs are increasingly looking to online labor to get their apps build more cost effectively. 
No. 5: Salesforce.com; Growth: 250% 

No. 6: Amazon Kindle; Growth: 216% 

No. 7: Audit; Growth: 208% 

No. 8: iPad; Growth: 191% 

No. 9: Google Buzz; Growth: 126% 

No. 10: Transcription; Growt
No. 11: Brochure Design; Growth: 108% 

No. 12: Genealogy; Growth: 100% 

No. 13: Cryptography; Growth: 100% 

No. 14: Google Analytics; Growth: 95% 

No. 15: CAD/CAM; Growth: 79% 
No. 16: Education and Tutoring; Growth: 78% 

No. 17: Google Adsense; Growth: 75% 

No. 18: Manufacturing; Growth: 69% 

No. 19: Photoshop Design; Growth: 66% 

No. 20: Testing /Q&A; Growth: 64% 
No. 21: Manufacturing Design; Growth: 62% 

No. 22: Expression Engine; Growth: 61% 

No. 23: 3D Rendering; Growth: 58% 

No. 24: AutoCAD; Growth: 57% 

No. 25: Supplier Sourcing; Growth: 56% 
No. 26: Desktop Support; Growth: 51% 

No. 27: Photography; Growth: 50% 

No. 28: SAP; Growth: 50% 

No. 29: Statistics; Growth: 50% 

No. 30: Voice Talent; Growth: 48% 
No. 31: Facebook; Growth: 47% 

No. 32: Blackberry; Growth: 47% 

No. 33: Civil Engineering; Growth: 44% No. 34: Solidworks; Growth: 44% 

No. 35: Asterisk PBX; Growth: 44% 
No. 36: MySQL; Growth: 44% 

No. 37: Biotechnology; Growth: 43% 

No. 38: Cocoa; Growth: 42% 

No. 39: Concept Design; Growth: 42% 

No. 40: Fiction; Growth: 41% 
No. 41: Internet Marketing; Growth: 41% 

No. 42: Academic Writing; Growth: 39% 

No. 43: UML Design; Growth: 38% 

No. 44: Android; Growth: 37% 

No. 45: Erlang; Growth: 36% 
No. 46: Engineering; Growth: 35% 

No. 47: Home Design; Growth: 35% 

No. 48: Structural Engineering; Growth: 30% 

No. 49: C# Programming; Growth: 30% 

No. 50: Technical Writing; Growth: 30% 

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