[AI] help needed arjjently to my n72

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 06:49:10 EDT 2010

Dear Timy, I also have the same problem in my Nokia 3230 handset. According to some of my techy friends, it usually happens when the phone memory of your phone is overburdened. According to some people, your handset can be started with the help of a software called Flash. But that process is risky and it can also result in making the handset totally dead.
         Generally this problem does not get resolved without formatting your handset. But in that process all the data that you have stored in your mobile gets deleted. If you have taken the backup on to your memory card, it is very fine. Otherwise I am afraid you have to lose your data.
          To format your handset, do the following:--
1. Take out the battery, sim card and memory card from your phone.
2. now Insert the battery only.
3. now press the star key and the green key with your right hand and the number 3 key with your left hand.
4. While pressing all these keys, press the power key with your thumb.
5. Your set will start and Nokia will be displayed on your screen. Don't release any key. Keep pressing all these four keys until your screen shows the word "formatting". Ofcourse you will have to take sighted assistance in this process.
6. After formatting is displayed, release all the keys. wait until Your screen  turns blue gradually.
7. After the formatting is complete, your screen will show "Insert sim card". That means the formatting is complete.
8. Now pull out the battery once again, insert your sim card, memory card and the battery.
9. Switch on the mobile. It will start normally. Set the date and time.
10. press the menu key and scroll down to the Talks folder.
11. Here press the joy stick to select it. It should start speaking again and start reading the license agreement. Don't bother. Just press the options key and select manual registration. Now scroll down once and enter the serial key of Talks.
12. Press Okay and it should say :talks has been installed and enabled successfully.
  If there is some problem, feel free to contact me on the details given at the end of this mail.
All the best.
            Sincerely yours, Yogesh Sharma.
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