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harish harish at accessindia.org.in
Sun Jul 11 03:35:19 EDT 2010

Dear All

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to participate in a meeting to discuss the chapter on employment on the new PWD bill. There were other members of AI too in it.

A printout of the blog was placed in the meeting and inputs pertaining to employment was also deliberated on.
This is just to let all aware, how important, it is to contribute to this blog.

The sub committee on employment would be meeting on 14th, so, it would be desirable, all contribution on this topic is done by this date.

I have no information when other sub committees would be meeting, hence, we need to put our inputs on all topics as soon as possible.

The entire committee would be meeting in the 3rd week of this month. So, we need to hurry up.

Harish Kotian

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