[AI] Access to 37 TV channels on mobiles

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Sat Jul 10 21:05:06 EDT 2010

Access to 37 TV channels on mobiles 
HYDERABAD, July 11, 2010 
S. Sandeep Kumar

As mobile service operators and application developers vie with each other to offer services with high quality streaming and nil buffering, there are those who are looking at niche markets too. U.S.-based Global Takeoff Incorporation developed YuppTV, a mobile TV application which provides access to live shows on over 37 Indian entertainment and news channels. 

Presently, the service is confined to iPhone mobile and iPad users and the application can be downloaded from iTunes. 

Just one MB space
“It all requires just one MB space for iPhone mobile users to download the application and it takes not more than 10 seconds to download it,” Global Takeoff Incorporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Uday Reddy told The Hindu in Hyderabad. Why iPhone? Because the company believes the user experience is much better in comparison to other mobiles.

Other mobile users, who have the option of GPS facility in their mobiles could log on yupptv.com and register for subscription. 

Depends on bandwidth
The quality of the application depends on the bandwidth, and generally 350 to 500 kbps would be ideal. It might be easier in the future with more operators getting on to the 3G bandwagon.

“The cost for monthly subscription depends on telecom operators. We are hoping it would range between Rs.100 and Rs.150. We are working on providing many more channels, including popular music channels,” says Mr. Reddy. 

Marketing tool
The application also comes with a next gen mobile marketing tool which allows advertisers to telecast customised mobile advertisements in live streams depending on satellite mapping for the location of a user. 

After the user's position is tracked, advertisers would be alerted about their position for streaming the advertisements. Users will have to approve it, he adds.


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