[AI] Problem in JAWS key stroke, request help

Anil Kumar anil4aifriends at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 07:06:59 EDT 2010


I am using JAWS 10.  Nowadays, I have been facing some problem while
working on computer with JAWS.
1.	When insert a is using for reading address bar in internet
explorer, it reads only address bar instead of address.
2.	While trying to read the address by using arrow keys, it tells only space.
3.	In excel, when backspace uses for erasing letter, it reads out space.
4.	While saving any files, it doesn’t read out the file name.  It
tells only space.
5.	When I edit the name of file or folder, the letters are not read by JAWS.
6.	In MS word also, items in menu and submenus, JAWS is not working.

There may be another problem like this; but couldn’t find so far.
What changes I need to make in JAWS settings to solve this problem?
Your valuable guidance/assistance in this regard would be of great
help to me.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks in anticipation,

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