[AI] facing problem in purchasing mutual funds

amarnath de amarnath.delhi at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 11:58:09 EDT 2010

Hello all,

I want to subscribe some mutual funds. But due to sebi's guideline blind people must attest their left thumb impressions by notary. But the notaries are demanding Rs. 20-50 per attestation. So if there is 4 signatures in the form they are demanding Rs. 80 to Rs. 200 to attest the form. It is not understandable by me that, why the attestation of gazzeted officers are not valid or why the mutual funds cannot be purchased through net banking.

Please, share your views not only through this platform but write to sebi to modify its guidelines and give your views at sebi at sebi.gov.nic.in

Hope, you will take this matter seriously and raise your voice.


Amarnath De. 

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