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Dear Vaishnavi

Thanks so much for the investigation. This should indeed be a wonderful 
device for the blind and a good candidate for nomination for the NCPEDP 
design award.

It would certainly be out of the blue recognition to them, folks at Chennai 
need to check on its accessibility and nominate it accordingly.

When main stream products take the extra step in accessibility we should 
reward the effort enthusiastically.

I would also urge our members to support this product in their own little 


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Dear Harish,

I deserve the needle in the haystack award for this find! There is a talking
induction cooker already available for Rs 3000. Made by a Chennai
export-oriented company called Shadows Ltronix - they are open to adapting
and customizing their unit range to suit specific needs -so this particular
model SLS-2030 can be tweaked further! Details via links at eom.

Strangely, models available abroad advertising accessibility seem to use
tactile features only, though talking microwaves, kettles etc are easily
available.  For eg this model from
http://www.independentliving.com/prodinfo.asp?number=201106 : This 12"
square cooktop only heats when a pan made of stainless steel, enamelware or
iron meets the surface which makes it safe to touch without getting burned.
You can cook and warm foods almost as quickly as with a gas stove adjusting
the settings from 120 to 420 degrees. There are 3 temperature settings,
L/M/H for keeping foods warm and a 99 minute timer. The unit has an auto
shut-off and overheat protection functions. The control panel can be
tactually marked making it accessible as well as safe, fast and energy
efficient. This item includes a covered frypan.

Since you've already figured the accessible blog for AI, perhaps you could
start an AI Accessible Tech blog (Called @ India!) with consumer feedback
and reviews from Indian disabled community. The AI group is very tech-savvy
- this knowledge should be shared with the outside world, don't you think?
For eg, this link explains the accessible induction cooker safety features
across models is a very simple, readable way:

Hope this helps! Links follow*...

Product Leaflet (Inaccessible Image
Shadows Ltronix Chennai Contacts <http://www.shadows.net.in/contact-us.htm>
SLS 2030*
# Power : 2000 Watts, Power Range 200W – 2000W
# Temperature range: 60C-280C, 5 modes of cooking
# 24Hrs booking function, booking function for auto On & Off
# Quick cooking, consumes less power & time
# Non fire cooking no smoke, high heat efficiency and no radiation
# Smooth surface and easy to clean

*Found this model after seeing image in classifieds ad below!
*Home appliances for sales. Talking Induction Cooker for sale in Chennai.
06-Jul-2010   |   Tamil Nadu » Chennai

For More Information about Induction cooker contact Raji Chandran:
Mobile: 9841828875 / 9841828879
Email: craji09 at gmail.com

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> On 7/6/10, Kotian, H P <hpkotian at rbi.org.in> wrote:
> > Hello All
> >
> > I just heard about this induction cooker. I am told it is available in
> our
> > Indian market for Rs. 1,700 upwards.
> >
> > I suppose it is well suited to the blind and there is good scope to make
> it
> > talking as well.
> >
> > Anyone using it? Please share your experience.
> > For more: 
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_cooker\<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_cooker%5C>
> >
> > Harish Kotian
> >
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