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Security concerns, scatty solutions
Two weeks ago, while in Singapore to attend CommunicAsia, the largest 'mela' of the telecom industry in the Asia-Pacific region, I had an opportunity to experience at first hand,  the technology of satellite  telephony, perhaps the only truly global  means of communication today.
Inmarsat,  a name well known in satellite based communications, particularly in the aerospace and maritime arenas, used the event to launch its first global handset, the Isatphone. It was available for immediate purchase for around $ 600 - that is about Rs 25,000 - and some  3-4 service providers were offering  user packages similar to the post paid mobile services were are used to. The phone itself was cannily designed to provide the comforting familiarity of a mobile  phone in the way one used it to make voice calls, send messages or data.   Another satellite communications provider, Iridium, was showing of its own  handset, the Iridium 9555.  Both companies operated their own network of satellites and  calls routed through their networks,  travelled some 35,000 kms to a satellite and  back avoiding all  earthbound  networks: cellular, landline, Internet or whatever. These satphones can contact any number, in any country,  mobile or fixed line, though they cost a good  bit more than your average roaming global service.
Since they worked any time anywhere ,footloose wanderers exploring   the Himalayas - or the Poles --   carry satphones, as do many  government agencies in a disaster or emergency situation - military or otherwise.
I recall all this  because it is pertinent to  some government  decisions, reported by three different  Indian business newspapers last week, to be in the pipeline. They all say   the Department of Telecommunications  is going to ask   three international technology companies - Google, Skype and Research in Motion( makers of the Blackberry) -- to ensure that all content passing through their services is in a 'readable' format for lawful interception.
Google's service is  Gmail that  so many of us lay users patronize. Skype enables  us, to  make  free telephone calls   from PC to PC and for a small fee,  calls to a mobile or landline. And Blackberry, is optimised for those who want to receive and send emails securely from their hand-phones.
Blackberry users pay monthly subscriptions, to ensure that their traffic is NOT readable by all and sundry - so I can't see RIM   handing over its coding secrets on a platter to any agency.  Gmail and Skype  are almost mass consumer services  and  I guess it's no big deal for most of us if someone somewhere, wants to  spend time and energy to eavesdrop on our daily  quota  of mundane exchanges, words of   anger endearment or whatever.  'It's free anyway, and what's there to hide',  is  what most of us will say.
Assuming for a moment, that  the three players cooperate and open their codebooks to the Indian government-what will have been achieved?  Employment for a small army of Big Brothers,  listening to all  the rubbish we generate through voice and text every single second, while  trying to stumble on the  rare conversation/mail/instant message which may have security implications.
Meanwhile the real baddies,  who can usually afford the best technology available to further their nefarious schemes, are probably hefting a satphone.  This is not to give satphones a bad name : on the contrary  they are  fantastic devices, that in other scenarios will save lives  as no other communication tool can. This is just to show the futility of setting  the sights of serious national countermeasures, on the lowest common denominator of  technology  -- like email or Internet Protocol phone calls. This is what  the aam janatha  uses because it is all it can afford. Terrorists  can afford the best.  And the only way to fight them, is to  use even better technology.  Not to make your Gmail and mine , 'readable'.
Educational BPO Transgenez reaches out to rural India:
To set up knowledge hubs in rural reaches of Karnataka state
March of the \'Indian\' mobile phone
The annual Voice and Data 100 Indian Telecom Survey finds: Local brands Max, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon & Spice take 14% revenue share from global biggies
Media survey, finds Indians do their own thing
A survey by content service company Indiabiz News & Research Services (INRS) finds that Indians have a mind of their own when it comes to social networking; they have taken to Facebook in a big way and blog a lot - but leave trendy things like Twitter to the glitterati. 
The Indian Public Sector Bank, Corporation Bank, has become first  Indian banking entity to implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), for its customers. The bank has adopted the eMudhra PKI solution from 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd. (3i CSL) http://www.indiatechonline.com/e-mudhra-for-corporation-bank-277.php
All in one week..  Two teams led by Indian-Americans  unveil some cool innovations...
1. This software lets your PC work while it sleeps
Indian-American scientist at the University of California, San Diego, has led to success, a project that allows personal computers in sleep mode to still respond to applications like Internet telephony, instant messaging and peer to peer computing. 
2.  Soon, your mobile phone can do an eye-test!
Team led by Indian-American  Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab has perfect NETRA - Near-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment... the display screen onmobile phones, has been combined with a small clip-on device costing as little as two dollars in quantity, to create a cheap instrument for doing eye tests.
India's largest cybercafé chain, has launched Sify mylife,arguably the country's first Consumer Cloud Services Platform. 
Aditi offers FIFA World Cup tracker for four mobile phone families:  iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia 
Unveiled at CommunicAsia - 1 
Indian brains create a novel device to provide access to your files -- anywhere 
iTwin, a novel device that provides access to one's files - anywhere in the world 
Unveiled at CommunicAsia--2 
M-Insurance app from Wipro  wows delegates at Singapore show 
Nokia N900: phone that thinks it is a computer
Is it a phone? Is it a computer? Nokia has erased the difference. 
Sony Vaio E series laptops...Vivid HD
Cloud Computing in India: \'The Perfect Storm\'
The total market of cloud computing in India stands at US$ 110 million today and is expected to reach a figure of about US$ 1,084 million by 2015, finds a study by globalization consulting firm Zinnov Management Consulting
TeIecom will ignite semicon: SA-Frost& Sullivan study 2010
The India semiconductor market grew 15.6% in 2009 in contrast to the global market that shrunk by 11% from 2008.Wireless handsets, 3G networks, WiMax, notebooks, set-top-boxes and smart cards are poised to primarily drive the semiconductor market in India.
And all the others numbers in our exclusive industry snapshot...
VAS Asia 2010
New Delhi July 9, Le Meridien
8th International Conference and exhibition focussing on mobile value added services
ESC Embedded Systems Conference
Bangalore July 21-23 
India's Largest Conference and Expo on Embedded Systems 
In-depth Innovative content

mBillionth South Asia Congress & Awards 2010
New Delhi, July 23, 
Digital Empowerment Foundation and Dept of IT, Govt of India
Celebrating South Asia's best in mobile content, services
LTE Asia 2010
Hong Kong September  7 - 8, 2010, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, 
LTE Asia 2010 will be the 5th annual event for the region focusing specifically on LTE . All the major and regional operators will be in attendance along with  analysts, press and other media 
World Computer Congress
Australia Sep 20-23, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, 
( with)
South East Asia Regional Computer Federation Computer Conference ( SEARCC)
www.wcc2010.com <http://goog_304848450>     <http://goog_304848450> searcc at wcc2010.com 
Mobile Value Added Services World Summit 
Developing Strategic Partnership & Best Business Model In Offering Innovative VAS to Optimize Profit and Reduce Churn
Singapore, September 29-30  , Swissotel Merchant Court
CAT-iq developers conference
Eindhoven The Netherlands October 19-20
CAT-iq is the IP Broadband successor of DECT (DECT 6.0). Next to telephony (with HD-Voice) CAT-iq will be used for home automation/connected home, smart grid and in ultra low power use. All these topics, and more (like the use of Android, Linux, Symbian in CAT-iq products) will be covered during the conference, www.catiqconference.com <http://goog_304848456> .
 4th Annual Connecting Rural Communities Asia 2010 Forum
Jaipur, India November 16-18  Le Meridien
Organized by Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO). The theme for the conference is Broadband Access for Rural Communities.
Are you organising an upcoming conference or trade show in the Middle East/Asia/Pac region   that will interest the Indian infotech community? Send us the details in a mail to feedback at indiatechonline.com  with Event Watch  in the subject line and we will be happy to feature it in this section.
"International Cricket 2010" for XBox and PS3: A visual sixer for cricket  fans
Its global release  sandwiched between  FIFA  football and Wimbledon tennis, might seem like bad timing to launch  this year's first major  cricket simulation  game; but "International Cricket 2010"  has  at least three neat visual and graphic  enhancements that lift it above anything  hitherto  available to fans of the genre . This will likely ensure that it will be snapped up by  owners of XBox 360 and PlayStation3, its two current platforms.
Produced by Codemasters and developed by Trickster Games -  the  Anglo-Australian combo  behind last year's "Ashes Cricket 2009" as well as the popular Brian Lara series - IC 2010 can be tweaked to play any standard format from test cricket to Twenty20. 
The biggest technical leap is  the new 'Action Cam', a  new point of view which allows the game player to  sit on the shoulder of  the batsman or the bowler, so to speak, providing  a highly immersive experience. Another innovation is 'Power stick', which allows  full 360 degree control over  the way the bat moves  and lets you 'live' the batsman's experience. Add to that the new realism  of the stumps as they fly apart to a fast ball - and IC2010 goes where few cricket simulation games have gone before.
Since the game is officially licensed by the  cricket boards of  Australia and England, players from these  teams sport their real names. But  copyright problems probably forced the creators to invest Indian players with names like  Sumit Ten Hukkar and Ravul Drabu.   The  good news is you can change   these names if you so choose, as well as  the  appearance and attributes of all players... you can even put yourself into the game, if  batting alongside Tendulkar is your dream.  Games can be played  between any of the 16 international teams and in any of  21 actual stadia. Commentary is provided among others by Shane Warne and David "Bumble" Lloyd -- which is unlikely to  get too many Indian   users too excited. 
 International Cricket 2010 has been brought to India by Zapak and  while it is just getting into the retail shops, can also  be ordered online at http://shop.zapak.com/  at a small discount over the Rs 1999 MRP in India.
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