[AI] mobile with talking software

Dr. Yogesh Sharma yogesh.sharma569 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 04:39:23 EDT 2010

Hi Jignesh, I too second Dr. Padmanabham's view regarding E 63, since it is decidedly better as compared to C 5 with regard to talks support. Although I have not used it personally, but I am pasting here the mail buy Mr. K. Nageshwarya, who is using it. However, I would advise you to examine it personally before purchasing it.

I've been using Nokia E63 for the last 7 months quite successfully.  Those who have typing and/or computer knowledge can master it quickly.  Chr key, function key, edit key, delete key, ctrl key are some of the useful keys in the handset.  Besides, built-in accessibility features such as Voice Aide and say caller's name are also worth noting.  There're one touch keys for emailing, reading new messages, calendar, contacts, etc.  I make good use of the dictionary.  But there're some problems with the arrow keys. 

        [From: K. Nageshwarya]

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